Win prizes for making your app more awesome

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to have a play with Pusher or you’ve only just found out about us, here’s an excellent incentive. Enter the Pusher Challenge for a chance to win a shiny 11” Macbook Air and a ticket to the Keeping it Realtime conference. All entries will receive a Pusher t-shirt with a funky new design.

What is the Pusher Challenge?

We believe you can massively improve the user experience and engagement of your existing applications by making them realtime. Pusher lets you do that quickly and simply with our hosted API.

In the Pusher challenge, we want to see the innovative ways you can turbo-charge your apps with a sprinkling of Pusher magic.

Who can take part?

Anyone! All you need is a web app which uses Pusher. Ideally the app won’t have used Pusher before, but if you already use Pusher, that’s okay, but we’ll give you more credit for adding in some new features powered by Pusher.

How is the challenged judged?

We’ll decide which entry demonstrates the most innovative use of Pusher, combined with the biggest impact on the user experience. We’ll also take into account what your users think of the improvements. Please help us decide by providing feedback from your adoring users, ideally via Twitter.

Our focus is on quick wins with big results. Keeping the code to a minimum will be seen as a bonus!

What are you waiting for? Enter the Pusher Challenge

To enter, you just need to:

  • Visit the challenge page to see the rules
  • Sign up to Pusher if you haven’t already
  • Make something awesome
  • Submit your entry by Midnight GMT Sunday 16th
Ready to begin?

Start building your realtime experience today.

From in-app chat to realtime graphs and location tracking, you can rely on Pusher to scale to million of users and trillions of messages