Every so often at Pusher we hold a hack event to give everyone a chance to try something new; to take a risk they might not otherwise take, or simply to learn something they’ve wanted to learn. In our latest hack event I decided to build something that’s been sitting in my notebook for a […]


Last week we were lucky enough to find ourselves in beautiful Oxford for Smashing Conference 2015. The event was held in the historical Oxford Town Hall. A very cool international crowd and excellent speakers lineup made this event rather outstanding, not to mention the venue, which was an eye-feast on its own; and to top […]


Are you the ultimate hacker for good? We are beyond excited to announce that this year Pusher is a global BattleHack partner along with Twitter, Sendgrid, Twilio and others. If you haven’t yet heard, BattleHack is a series of global hackathons organised by PayPal. From Tokyo to Athens, London to Berlin, the best of the […]


Last week, SimpleWeb, an awesome software agency in Bristol, put on a terrific hacknight. We at Pusher were very proud to be sponsors. The objective was simply to build realtime apps using Pusher within 3 hours. Hamilton and I, Pusher’s two Growth Engineers, attended, adjudicating and helping participants out with all things Pusher related. It […]


We recently took part in the Developer Week Accelerate Hackthon, the event that brands itself as the nation’s largest challenge-driven hackathon. It truly was a big one – the biggest hackathon we’ve ever been a part of with over 450 hackers. What made it special, was the diversity of participants – a really great mix […]

Following the release of AtomPair, our remote pairing plugin for Atom.IO, we thought we’d share how we made it. This blog post is partly to act as a demonstration of how to use presence channels and client events to easily synchronize states for seamless realtime collaboration. Its main purpose, however, is to share what we […]


The PHP UK Conference was a demonstration of pragmatism, honesty and progression; something that I feel we’re fortunately starting to see at many conferences now. A number of the talks I attended reflected this. The conference talks demonstrated an acceptance and understanding that not all applications can be built on the bleeding edge of front […]


We really love Atom at Pusher. Its customizability is hugely beneficial to our workflow, and its API is awesome and very well documented indeed. There is a big community building around it, and the product seems to get better with every release. However, there was always one thing we wanted to do with it… You […]

Secured connections and privacy are a must, particularly if you handle sensitive or confidential customer data. What’s more, a secured connection improves the reliability of persistent connections with proxies and firewalls, and can in some situations result in speed improvements. So, we’ve made SSL available everywhere. It’s now available on all plans, including Bootstrap and […]


Last week ExCel London was hosting NDC London 2014, a conference for programmers, software architects, PMs and IT executives. Hundreds of developers came along from all over Europe to see fantastic speakers and to mingle and share ideas with fellow developers. We headed East as well. The variety of themes and subjects discussed was pretty […]


And we’re off to Toronto.. A couple of weeks ago we set off on a trip to Toronto as proud sponsors of the first ever Full Stack Toronto conference. Organised by Full Stack Toronto the conference was held at the Ryerson Engineering Building. The first event of its kind in North America, Full Stack Toronto […]

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For many companies, creating a wiki will seem like something that only larger, boring companies need to do. This may very well be the case, but there certainly reaches a point in the growth of an organisation, when some of the processes and structures are starting to coalesce, and doing things consistently starts taking precedent […]