Building web applications are great. Now, imagine you build a blog using PHP and your web server is Nginx. If you consider how web servers work, you’ll realize that your web application does a lot of the same tasks (like retrieving a blog post that rarely changes) every time someone visits the post page. Let’s […]

It’s quite clear that virtual reality is where the world is headed. Art galleries, auctions, real estate and automobile sales are going the way of virtual reality. Even sight seeing trips are not going to be left behind as you can now tour the world through your VR headset. There’s so much to explore and […]

It is important to show realtime updates of what is happening in an application, and one form of this is a realtime counter. A realtime counter can be used to show users of an app how other users are interacting with their content. For example, Instagram uses a realtime counter to show when viewers like […]

If you are building an app that handles extensive data, you might want to implement realtime tables at some point. Let’s take a content management system for instance. Large amounts of data are added and removed often, and we would like the changes to be available to consumers immediately. In this tutorial, we are going […]

In an article published earlier, we explored how to use SlackTextViewController and Chatkit to create a messaging application. This application allows us to share messages with others in a chat room. In this article, however, we will explore how you can use Chatkit with UITableViewController without the need for any third party library. Here’s a […]

We’re excited to announce that our brand new product, Pusher Chatkit, is now available in Public Beta 🎉🎉🎉 Whether you’re looking to add in-game player-to-player chat, live chat support, or collaborator group chat, you can do it all in record time with Chatkit. It comes packed with features that make building chat in your app […]

Nowadays many applications offer in-app chat and messenger features to their users. The in-app messenger can be useful for things like live support chatting or in-app messaging with other application users. In this article, we are going to explore how to use Pusher Chatkit (which is in beta at the time of writing this article) […]

Laravel 5.5 has been released and at the time of writing this article, the current Laravel version stands at 5.5.0. This release is the next LTS release since version 5.1 which reaches its LTS end this year. 💡 LTS means Long Term Support. This version of Laravel will get bug fixes for two years and […]

If you have ever had to create an OAuth server you would agree with me that it can be difficult and time-consuming. Luckily, there is a Laravel package that makes this job easier: Laravel Passport. In this article, we will consider how you can use this amazing package to create your own OAuth server. For […]

This blog post was written under the Pusher Guest Writer program. GraphQL is a modern alternative to REST for writing web-based APIs, allowing for the server to expose a schema describing the entire graph of data, and for the client query against that schema. This allows for much richer data to be obtained with less […]

Sometime, somehow we have wanted to put up a static website and host it somewhere quick, no frameworks, no “2017 latest web tech” to build it with. Just plain HTML and CSS; maybe some JavaScript, nothing too complex. NOTE: In order to send messages to Pusher a server component is necessary. Github pages (or any […]

This blog post was written under the Pusher Guest Writer program. Flask is a really cool Python framework for building web applications. One of its major selling points is how simple it is to get started on building apps with it. In this tutorial, we will build a simple Flask CRUD application, and add realtime […]