Why I Pushed into tech (and other sorry puns)

Picture this: a line of expressionless students in perfect suits, all repeating the same sentence in a prayer-like recital.

“I want to work at the Goldman Sachs”.

Welcome to a significant portion of my university. But then I’ve never been overly interested in the grey world of banking, suits, and earning six-figure salaries only to spend it all on medical bills later in life.

Technology and the tech startup scene have always captured my imagination even from my early years. Admittedly this interest was born out of gaming, as many of my generation will attest to (don’t deny it), and only developed as time went on.

Now here I am at Pusher, and it all started with the basic question that’s driven practically all humanity: how does it work?

Enter technology…

It’s said that we are of a generation that has produced more history and progressed more than any other. A significant chunk of that history undoubtedly goes to technology: every year seems to bring another revolution, another new product that radically alters the way we live our lives.

We know the big names, of course. But how many have heard of the small companies, the ones who still manage to create revolutions in offices of nine or ten people armed with computers and the grey matter between the ears? Not many at my university, that’s for sure.

…and the startups…

As many of you here will know, the startup scene can be an intense one, just as prone to failure as it is to success. Yet this has been part of the draw for me: that despite this risk, there are people who are willing to stake on that to transform an idea into a product that makes an impact in the world.

That’s what a revolution is, fortunately with much less bloodshed than most. And to witness these revolutions play out remains something incredibly remarkable.

…and Pusher…

Still, why Pusher? In all frankness, this was a company that I stumbled upon quite by accident on my university’s career website. It had been late in the evening, and the woes of ‘I’m not going to find a job when I graduate!’ were particularly acute. Not quite as glamourous as the preceding paragraphs on fascination with technology, but bear with me.

Pusher offered an environment and values that resonated greatly with me. Crucially, I felt that it provided an awesome learning environment: to be able to get hands on with work and contribute in a significant manner.

With its deep focus on efficient working, customer satisfaction and flexible hours (a godsend for any student), I knew that this was a company that I would like to work for. Hopefully I’ll manage here without breaking too many things in the process (a cup of water and an armchair were early casualties, but don’t tell Max).

…and the blog.

I love writing too, and as it happened such a role was available in the company for a copywriting and PR intern. Pusher is in an exciting time of growth and change, even for a startup, and there’s plenty of work to be done.

My name’s Dominic, and you’ll see me around more often on the blog in the coming months. I’ll be more than happy to type away and produce content here just as the others continue to make a great piece of software even better. So stick around – and get ready for more awesome.

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