Track Your Sneezes in Real-Time (and Exercise) with Sneezeups

Have you ever felt the need to get down on the ground and do push-ups when you sneeze? No? What do you mean, you don’t want to do push-ups and stay healthy!?*

Pusher can neither confirm nor deny whether its team members do push-ups upon a sneeze or stay cozy in their chairs

Well, guess what – some people do, and they’re almost certainly healthier than us when it comes to the number of push-ups you (we) do in a day. Read on and find out more about Sneezeups, and how Pusher now helps people to stay healthy.

Enter Sneezeups

Sneezeups Logo

Sneezeups is an app built by Rounded, a digital product agency which designs apps across multiple platforms for clients such as Density. As its name suggests, Sneezeups ties together sneezing and push-ups, two activities that aren’t particular pleasant on their own but when combined, produce a surprisingly entertaining and presumably exhausting office-bonding experience.

The principle is simple: when one person sneezes, everyone does 10 push-ups no matter where they are. If someone sneezes in the office, the poor person working remotely in a cafe should be prepared for many curious glances as he or she begins the workout right there and then.

Real-time Sneeze Tracker

For that to work, Sneezeups needs to be a real-time application. That’s where Pusher comes in: when anyone sneezes, they input it into the web app with the simple push of a button, which triggers a Pusher event that notifies everyone logged in to the app.

You cannot run.

Sneezeups Dashboard

Rounded doesn’t intend to stop there, however. The plan is to create a sneeze-detecting sound algorithm for Sneezeups, ensuring an automated event trigger when a sneeze is detected.

Bringing the (Enjoyable) Pain

We particularly love Sneezeups for what it brings to Rounded – an element of fun (hopefully) to their office, and it demonstrates the variety of uses Pusher can be applied in. Nobody said that you can’t use Pusher to bring some entertainment and exercise into your working hours!

Be sure to keep an eye on Rounded, who have plenty of undoubtedly amazing iOS and Android applications coming out – they too might feature Pusher in providing great systems.

In case you think that you can get away with not doing pushups because you don’t have access to the app, Rounded is planning to make it available for other companies to sign up and participate soon.

You cannot hide.

Building anything awesome and/or exhausting with Pusher? Let us know!

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