Spotlight: Urbangap’s monthly website challenge

Urbangap is a web design studio. In 2012 they set themselves a challenge to create a new website every month to describe their values as web designers and developers, and to demonstrate their passion for Internet technologies. They showed us their April website and how it can be navigated by the user from a smartphone.

Please describe your April website

The focus for April was Interaction. The “Interaction” website is the fourth website we’ve made this year for our self-challenge “Urban12”.

In the following video Urbangap’s Federico demonstrates the April “Interactive” website:

What functionality is powered by Pusher?

Thanks to Pusher we used HTML5 WebSockets to enhance the user experience through the way you interact with our website. In fact, besides the normal navigation buttons, you can navigate the whole website using a mobile device as a remote control.

How does this functionality improve the user experience for your users?

Remotely controlling a website without the mouse or the keyboard is a whole new experience for the user.
We like to play videogames and we’ve tried to bring a little bit of the same interaction in our website you experience playing a videogame with your favourite game console.

We love to hear how our customers have used Pusher, and especially like it when we see such amazing innovation. If you’ve built something useful and/or weird and wonderful we’d love to hear from you.

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