How to set up your Pusher and Librato integration

Pusher now integrates with Librato, a realtime cloud monitoring platform that provides visual dashboards for your metrics. This integration is available to all Pusher Pro accounts and up.

When you set up your integration, you can choose between:

  • full access
  • record only access

Follow these steps to set up your integration:

  • Log in to

  • Navigate to the dashboard

  • Click on the top-right avatar → “Integrations”


  • Click on “Create Librato API Key

  • Log in to your Librato account

  • Navigate to the to-right menu and click on “Integrations”

  • Choose the level of permission you’d like to grant the app

  • Click on “Generate New API Token”

  • Give your token a name and click on “generate”


  • Copy the token


  • Click save

  • You’re done! Here’s a list of the metrics provided:


  • Go back to the Librato dashboard

  • If you have generated an API token with full access, click on “Metrics” (please note that it can take up to 30s for metrics to show up in the dashboard); you won’t see these visualizations with a record only access


You can also set up alerts for your app’s messages and connections, so you don’t have to worry about going over your plan’s limit.

As usual if you have any questions, or are curious about our upcoming products, you can reach us at ??

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