Pusher funding

Last week we announced that we have now closed our $1MM round of seed funding (TechCrunch coverage). We’re delighted to have a bunch of top notch folks involved in the round, including Eileen Burbidge (Passion Capital), Bill Lee (Tesla, Tweetdeck, Posterous) and the Heroku founders (Adam, James and Orion). We also released a new website, and finally got our new branding in place. This was a big milestone for us, and caused quite a maelstrom of activity around the announcement. Now that it has calmed a bit, I wanted to quickly run through what this means for our service, and how it will benefit all you lovely customers.

First and foremost, it allows us to expand our team with full time people, and we now have 7 Pushers in our team. This means that we’ll be able to respond to support requests faster, operate and scale the platform and ramp up development of new features. We have some exciting stuff we want to build and we’re looking forward to rolling it out. Thanks to everyone who has given us feedback so far.

This funding also allows us to be more visible in the various communities we are already engaged with, and to enter into others. We’ll hopefully be making ourselves known at conferences and striving to spread the word about the realtime revolutuion.

The other thing worth pointing out is that we are now very close to charging money for our service. It has been a long time in the making, so we’re psyched to be so close! For those who have gone through the funding process you will understand what a drain on resources this can be. However, now we have the money we can get right back on track, and you can be sure that we’re not going anywhere any time soon.

We’re really stoked about the opportunities going forward, and we’re looking forward to powering realtime features on your awesome applications.

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