Pusher at Canvas

Last week we braved the elements and made our way up to Birmingham for the Canvas conference 2014. Canvas has grown to become one of the leading design, technology and business events over the years, something that we were proud to sponsor. It was great to see how far it has come since we first teamed up with them back in 2012 to do a talk on Pusher.

It was a one day event with the theme of “The stories behind the world’s most interesting products and services”. The event consisted of various talks covering a wide spectrum of topics from the Spotify re-design to UrtheCast HD cameras on the International Space Station (sadly no spacemen though)! Not to mention we were served a lovely array of miniature food dishes which included the traditional sausage and mash.

The UrtheCast talk was particularly interesting to us as it was based around delivering data in realtime and we love space.


Their product is the first, near realtime ultra HD video platform showcasing Earth from space. Although still in beta it will soon be possible to stream coverage from the International Space Station straight to your desktop, which is pretty cool. You can check out some of the impressive work they are doing here www.urthecast.com.

We had a great time chatting to designers, engineers, entrepreneurs about their ideas for using pusher and as always we love to hear their thoughts. For me it was a great chance to catch up with my fellow designers and find out what exciting projects they’re working on at the moment.

We’re already looking forward to Canvas 2015!

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