(This blog accompanies today’s announcement of Pusher crossing the 100bn messages a month mark.)

At Pusher we’re always trying to connect people and make it easier for application developers to build awesome user experiences that are engaging and alive. After a busy few years, we’ve seen fantastic growth and today, are really proud to announce the important milestone of crossing 100 billion messages a month for our customers.

People demand a satisfying, real time experience to the standard of Facebook, Google and co. They don’t care if you’re a startup, a large corporate or based somewhere that makes hiring the best developers challenging.

Delivering, every time.

We see each message we deliver as a message that a developer somewhere out there doesn’t have to. Ultimately, we feel that that all developers should be able to create user experiences that their customers love, without having to worry about additional infrastructure or reinventing the wheel.

And we don’t want to stop there. Our aim is to continue getting more of your messages to the right place quickly and reliably in future. We launched this company because we saw a rising need. Because we are right at the front lines with developers, we are at a great advantage to understand what their next challenges will be and provide for their demands.

Looking forward

As we grow, we’re also hitting and solving tons of scaling challenges. We’ve expanded our team past twenty people and are adding more all the time. We’re making an increased effort to share some of our experiences doing this, which we hope will be valuable.

If you like what we do, you should join our mission to make our customers’ lives easier. If you’re interested in how to get the most from tools like Haskell, or hackdays where you’re free to build useful little utilities, maybe you’d be a good fit.

Check out our job page for the full list or read this recent post from our VP of Engineering, Sam Stagg, about how our interview process works. Or if you think you know the perfect candidate, pass this on and let them decide for themselves.

About Max Williams

Max is CEO of Pusher, and is passionate about the ways that technology can be used to make life better and more enjoyable for people. He loves using APIs and developer tools, and is obsessed with finding things that can be better done by a machine. His posts tend to be about life at Pusher, and the ways that we experiment with our culture and processes to create awesome things.