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Introduction Unit testing helps us to have confidence that our code is behaving the way we expect it to. It helps us to identify issues before we publish our code. Quick is a testing framework and Nimble is a matching framework. They are easy to use and have the advantage that they are very descriptive […]

image forbuilding progressive web apps tutorial

We are in a rapidly changing world. We rely on our smartphones, laptops, smartwatches and other gadgets to give us information on time and upon request. Data is transmitted from a data center back to us on any medium we choose to consume content. In this article, we will see how and in what cases […]

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In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at some of the issues you might encounter while developing iOS apps with React Native. Specifically, we’ll take a look at the following issues: Software dependency problems Third-party package issues Issues when running on device Expokit issues Prerequisites We assume that you know how to develop apps with […]

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When building modern applications, it is not uncommon to have several isolated yet connected aspects of your application. For instance, you can have a website, an admin panel, and an API all powering the same application. There are many ways you can decide to handle this setup and we will consider one of the ways […]

swift main thread checker

Introduction The Main Thread Checker (MTC) was introduced in Xcode 9. Its goal is to simple: to detect improper use of APIs on a background thread. Updating using a background thread can cause unknown bugs, crashes and strange UI behavior that can easily be avoided. Updating UI from the background thread One of the most […]

React VR live sports application

Over the years, with the advancement of technology, different breakthroughs have been made in our interaction with computers. The experience that was limited to viewing 2D objects on a screen has evolved to the stage that we have augmented reality and virtual reality, in which we can have an immersive experience in our applications with […]

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Animations are an important part of the user experience, especially for mobile apps. Animations provide users with a clear feedback when they’re interacting with the UI elements in the app. Animations bring the app to life through the use of movement. We will be using react native to implement animation. Whenever the app needs to […]

react native animation part 2

Welcome to part two of a three-part series on adding animations to your React Native app. In this part, you’re going to learn how to add transition animations. Specifically, we’re going to: Animate the header when the user scrolls on a list. Customize the page transition animation that’s set by React Navigation. Use LayoutAnimation to […]

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Hello, there fellow Kotliners! At the beginning of the year, we ran a survey on the State of Kotlin, asking you for your thoughts, opinions, and experiences, about the language, its ecosystem and how you’ve gotten around to learning it. We had a great response from 2,744 intrepid Kotliners, and today we are excited to […]

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In this article, we will look at using JWT to secure our Laravel APIs. JSON Web Token (JWT) is an open standard that allows two parties to securely send data and information as JSON objects. This information can be verified and trusted because it is digitally signed. JWT authentication has aided the wider adoption of […]

Laravel localized app

Logging is an important part of modern application development, regardless of the platform targeted or framework used. Logging provides a window into your app, enabling transparency and visibility. With proper logging, we can proactively identify points of failure and performance bottlenecks in our app, among other things. The Laravel framework has always come with logging […]


Vue.js is with no doubts the preferred JavaScript framework in the Laravel community. In fact, a fresh Laravel application comes with Vue.js already set up out of the box. Prefer to use React instead? Then you are in the right place, as we’ll be looking at how to use React in a Laravel application in […]