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Laravel 5.7 was released almost a month after Laracon US 2018. This version continues with improvements made in Laravel 5.6, introducing Laravel Nova, email verification alongside other cool new features we will be discussing in this article. In this article, we will talk about some cool features of Laravel 5.7. Laravel Nova Nova is a […]

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The need to write statically typed code with less bugs and easier refactoring birthed the language we all know today as Reason. Although Reason was created to improve how frontend developers write code by avoiding lots of bugs caused by JavaScript for not having a static type system, it’s still necessary to evaluate both languages […]

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Introduction This tutorial primarily focuses on React and ReasonReact and their benefits and disadvantages. If you don’t already know what ReasonReact is, it can be thought of as a version of React that is built on the statically-typed functional programming language, Reason. In the next sections, we will briefly introduce React and ReasonReact before exploring […]

We’re excited to announce that Pusher Beams is out of beta and generally available for your production apps! We’re proud that over 10,000 developers are using Beams to send critical transactional notifications. Here’s what’s included with Beams: Unified API to deliver push notifications to iOS, Android, and MacOS devices Hosted service to manage the device […]

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In this tutorial, we’re going to look at how to implement authentication in React Native apps using Auth0. Specifically, we’re going to: Set up Auth0 to allow Google and Facebook logins. Use the hosted login page to log in users. Prerequisites In order to follow this tutorial, you need to have basic knowledge of React […]

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Note: we have now extended support for TLS 1.0 beyond the date described here! We described the reasons for this extension in a later announcement post. On the 22nd of September 2018, we will begin disabling support for TLS 1.0 in connections to Pusher Channels. Please make sure your clients support at least TLS 1.1. […]

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This tutorial will introduce OCaml, Reason React, and BuckleScript, and explain their relevance. To wrap things up, we will take a look at a demo project built with ReasonReact. ReasonReact is a simpler and much safer way to build React components in Reason, and with the help of BuckleScript, we can have access to a […]

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Without a doubt, Laravel is the best PHP framework right now. It would be nice if all PHP applications are migrated to Laravel, though this is wishful thinking. However, if you are here then you must be interested in doing that. This article is going to explain how Laravel migration works Our case study will […]

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In a previous article, we explored how to build a serverless REST API using AWS Lambda and the Serverless framework. In this article, we’ll build a different version of that API, providing the same functionality, but through a GraphQL interface instead. GraphQL is a query language for interacting with APIs. It provides a lot of […]

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Framework 7 is a free and open source mobile HTML framework to develop hybrid mobile apps or web apps with iOS and Android native look and feel. It is also an indispensable prototyping application tool to show a working app prototype as soon as possible in case you need to. In this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate […]

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VSCode (Visual Studio Code) has exploded in popularity since its first release in 2015 and has now become the editor of choice for many web developers, especially those working with JavaScript on the frontend and Node.js on the backend. While VSCode already has robust support for JavaScript and TypeScript by default, its community of users […]

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In this tutorial, we’re going to take a look at how you can use TypeScript for building your React Native projects. Specifically, we’re going to take a look at the following: Setting up a new React Native project that uses TypeScript. Setting up linting and auto-completion of TypeScript code for Sublime Text. Refactoring the code […]