In this series, we are going to walk through building modern web applications with Laravel and Vue. We will go from the basics, setting up your environment, to more technical concepts like building endpoints RESTfully and even testing your endpoints. In this chapter, we will be setting up an environment for PHP development, Laravel to […]

Serverless architectures are powered by a cloud service such as AWS Lambda. This cloud service manages the servers on which the application runs, thereby taking the burden of managing infrastructure and scaling off the developer’s shoulders. Serverless technologies have been increasing in popularity. The absence of server provisioning makes them particularly enticing. In this article, […]

Introduction Often when developing a complex web application there can be multiple layers that need to work together. For example, a database, backend and UI layer that all need to fit together and work in harmony for the overall application to work. One key way to ensure that your application works correctly is to implement […]

We’re thrilled to announce that for the entire month of May, we’ve partnered with to sponsor the first ever DEV Contest. 🎉 We’re looking for makers, builders, and hackers to create interesting apps, projects, and hacks using the Pusher Channels realtime API. 🛠 + ⚡️ + ✨ = 🦄 Channels allows you to create […]

⚠️ The technique(s) described in this article are for educational purposes only. Cyber attacks are nothing new. From the early days of the internet there have been web attacks and the truth is they get more sophisticated every day. Some attacks are made to spy on users, some steal user data, some steal from users. […]

If you have used a recent Laravel version, you would notice it usually comes with Vue bundled in with other tools like bootstrap and jQuery. You would also notice in Laravel documentation that they gave a small introduction to using Vue components. Is this a sign that Laravel loves Vue? In this guide, we are […]

You must have been hearing about the new React 16.3 buzz all around social media and developer newsletters. There are a few interesting new features that explains the reason for the excitement. One of them is the new Context API. This post explains the React Context API by showing off the old and new version, […]

This week we have gathered some new video courses for your delight: The Ultimate Vue JS 2 Developers Course Anthony Gore is a web developer from Sydney, Australia and is the author of the book Full-Stack Vue.js 2 and Laravel 5, as well as a Vue.js course creator on Udemy, where he has over 4K […]

Today I’m delighted to announce that we have closed an $8m round of funding from Balderton and Heavybit. This new milestone in our journey will allow us to continue on our mission to become a category leader in supporting app developers with building communication and collaboration features with our delightful APIs. We’ve come a long […]

Serverless apps have been around for a while, but they became mainstream around 2014 when AWS introduced Lambda. Despite the name, serverless apps do run on servers — they’re just managed by a cloud provider such as AWS. This frees you to focus on coding your app logic. Another benefit of serverless apps is their […]

This is your opportunity to learn JavaScript/EcmaScript and React JS and build modern web apps with Laravel backend on Udemy with Ryan Dhungel. Ryan is a Web Developer from Sydney, Australia. He builds websites and web Applications focusing mainly on PHP with Laravel and JavaScript with React. His courses are followed by more than 32K […]

This is part 3 of a 3 part tutorial. You can find part 1 here and part 2 here. In the last tutorial in this series, we looked at how to add authentication using JWT to a GraphQL server. In this tutorial, we’ll be looking at how to add authentication to GraphQL using Auth0. What […]