This blog post was written under the Pusher Guest Writer program. Laravel makes it easy to build modern applications with realtime interactions by providing an event broadcasting system which allows developers to share the same event names between the server-side code and the client-side JavaScript application. Pusher, on the other hand, is an easy and […]

The rapid growth of Internet and Technology has allowed publishers to expand from hard print to digital content publishing businesses. Users ability to adapt to fast growing new technologies and rapid use of Desktop, Mobile and Tablet, as the means to access published news and sports content, has allowed generating new streams of digital revenue. […]

This blog post was written under the Pusher Guest Writer program. A popular feature of chat applications is the ‘who’s typing’ feature, which displays the name or username of who is currently typing. In this tutorial, we will walk through how to build a ‘who’s typing’ feature in a chat application using Pusher with Javascript. […]

We thought we’d create a walkthrough of how to easily build an iOS chat app with Pusher. Together we will build a group chat application, leading you through how to use Pusher to send and show realtime messages in your UI. The app we’re building The app we’re building is a simple chat application that […]

This blog post was written under the Pusher Guest Writer program. We’d like to track and visualize our applications in a central place. Feeds are great for this! Let’s build an Android app with an activity feed showing the temperature of your home. In this tutorial, using Pusher, we are going to build a feed […]

Building on the clusters in Ireland and Singapore we released last year, we’re excited to announce a new cluster in Mumbai, India! Since the beginning, the developer community in India has used Pusher in innovative ways. We are proud to count among our customers exciting Indian companies like Freshdesk, Faasos and Hackerearth who use Pusher […]

We’re excited to announce that Pusher is now an integration on Datadog. You can add Pusher as an integration on Datadog to easily monitor your realtime connections, messages, and message sizes. Of the 19 Pusher metrics sent to Datadog, 16 are new metrics for Pusher customers! Datadog is an application performance monitoring platform that puts […]

This blog post was written under the Pusher Guest Writer program. Programming a shopping cart may not be as easy as you think. One of the greatest challenges is to synchronize the content of a user’s shopping cart between devices or even browser tabs. For example, a friend sends you, via a messaging app on […]

Objectives To build a cross-platform application with a single HTML/CSS/JS code-base with Cordova To use Pusher to update the UI across platforms To implement native iOS Push Notifications with Pusher’s API To implement unified messages to send arbitrary messages which abstracts real-time messages and Push Notifications for a seamless UX Prerequisites You must already have […]

Each day, Pusher sends billions of messages in real-time: source to destination in less than 100ms. How do we achieve this? A key factor is Go’s low-latency garbage collector. Garbage collectors are a bane of real-time systems because they pause the program. So when designing our new message bus, we chose the language carefully. Go […]

This blog post was written under the Pusher Guest Writer program. Applications can generate a lot of events when they’re running. However, most of the time, the only way to know what’s going on is by looking at the logs or running queries against the database. It would be nice to let the users see […]

Yesterday we launched Sessions — a website where you can watch videos of top-notch talks from developer meetups. To date, our production team has recorded, produced, and transcribed around 50 talks by 50 inspiring speakers, and we’re expanding. If you run an event or know one that needs recording, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Why we […]