Increased value for your money: new usage tiers for Pusher Chatkit

After talking to our customers and gaining a better understanding of usage, we are updating our usage tiers to give you more generous limits.

Beginning today, our free and business plans have been updated with more generous limits. This is to ensure our customers have more time and flexibility to upgrade between plans as they deal with growth and scale.

Scale faster with our new free plan

With our new free plan, customers will now be able to scale up to 3000 users and a million messages per month before they graduate into the paid plan. This means startups have more time to grow.

Existing Free Plan New Free Plan
UIU 1000 3000
Peak concurrent connections Unlimited Unlimited
Message Retention 30 90
Max File Size 1 mb 5 mb
Messages / Month 500,000 1,000,000

90-day message retention comes to our Business plan

Our business plan also gets an upgrade. And at no additional cost! Customers now get 90-days of message retention and up to 3 Million messages per month, all at the same price.

Existing Business Plan New Business Plan
UIU 15,000 15,000
Peak concurrent connections Unlimited Unlimited
Message Retention 60 90
Max File Size 5 mb 5 mb
Messages / Month 2,000,000 3,000,000

These limits will go into effect immediately and you can see the details on our pricing page. If you’ve any questions or feedback (about this change or Pusher in general), please email us at

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