Make It Realtime – Hack Manchester

I’ll be at Hack Manchester this weekend (27th-28th October). The event looks glamorous and will undoubtedly attract some talented hackers. If you are coming along I wanted to give you a quick nudge towards using Pusher in your hack!

What can I make with Pusher?

Here’s a few use cases that Pusher is great for:

  • Notificationssimple realtime notifications making users aware that new data is available, data has changed, a new comment has been made… (you get the idea)
  • User interactions – e.g. realtime chat between users who are viewing the same piece of information or visualisation
  • Collaboration – e.g. multiple users working together to compose a melody
  • Visualisations – This requires some realtime data, but it’s amazing how realtime visualisations can even make Justin Bieber interesting
  • Multiplayer Games – gaming is all about user interaction and immersing users in engaging gameplay. With a touch of real-time interaction this game has become massively popular and highly addictive –
  • Go Off-piste! – Pusher isn’t limited to just browser and mobile applications. Why not get your soldering iron out?

Why should I use Pusher?

Pusher is great at hack days as you can base a fiendishly ambitious project entirely upon it, but equally you can use Pusher to add some magic to any application.

You can add Pusher to your project in only a few lines of code and it’s extremely quick to pick up. You’ll really quickly notice the power and simplicity of our platform and it’ll give you the edge over the competition.

Pusher is also a very complementary API. We provide that last-mile delivery of data from the server to clients. This means that we work really well with other datasets and APIs like Twilio, DataSift, SoundCloud, Superfeedr, Twitter and many more.

I’m almost sold…

We’re offering a ‘Best Use of Pusher’ prize for the hack. The winner will get a free 6 months of our startup plan (worth $300), and an Apple TV.

All you need to do now is win me over with your amazing hack!

Ready to begin?

Start building your realtime experience today.

From in-app chat to realtime graphs and location tracking, you can rely on Pusher to scale to million of users and trillions of messages