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We are thrilled to announce that Pusher is now on Udemy ? ? !

We partnered with Edwin Diaz, an entrepreneur and professional programming instructor, who created a chapter on how to use Pusher for his best selling course PHP for Beginners.

Edwin has over 200K students ? on Udemy and is passionate about teaching and helping developers all around the world learn with his courses. You can find his content on both Udemy and his own site – Coding Faculty Solutions.

His PHP for Beginners course teaches students how to build a real-world project – a content management system similar to the WordPress blogging engine, starting from the basic principles of PHP programming. The course has 35 hours of lessons and 11 additional resources to help guide students in their journey from beginners to masters.

It covers wide topics from the core principles of programming, PHP and JavaScript to build backend, and frontend, as well as security databases, sending emails, and building a real-time notification system with Pusher’s service.

The end product will show a notification bubble that lets the administrator or moderator of the CMS know when a new user has created an account in their application, combining the PHP backend with the JavaScript frontend logic️, from creating a new Pusher account all the way until the feature is finished⚡️.

Do you have a course and are interested in adding Pusher’s tech to it? Get in touch ? !

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