Chatkit adds support for browser-based push notifications

We all use our smartphones for a lot of instant messaging everyday, but sometimes one just needs a proper keyboard or a larger screen. It may be when your users have something to list on your website, or when they have to send an assignment to students.

In today’s multi-device world, everyone’s constantly moving between their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. For many app makers, this creates a challenge: How do you effectively keep users engaged as they switch from one device to the next?

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added support for web push notifications to Chatkit to help solve this problem. Now, app developers can make sure their users never miss a chat message wherever they are—even on their web or mobile web browsers—which helps build trust while offering convenience to users.

Check out our docs to learn more about how you can start sending browser notifications to Chatkit users.

Customized push notification titles

As part of our effort to give our customers more flexibility in their chat and push experiences, we’ve also enabled the ability to customize push notification titles for private chats. To learn more about the default options and how to customize:

Localized media defaults

Now, media-only messages will trigger notifications with the corresponding emoji—either ? or ?—that signifies the content of a message.

For more information on how you can use Chatkit to deliver delightful user experiences, check this out.

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