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We’re really excited to announce we’ve added a new Pusher Channels cluster in Sydney! This new cluster, called ap4, not only allows you to achieve lower latencies within the Asia-Pacific region but makes it easier to comply with local regulations concerning the Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in the state of Australia. To use the Sydney […]

We are starting off this month with a bunch of exciting updates for Chatkit! With webhooks, you can now extend the reach of your in-app chat functionality by automating responses to chat activity within your app. Webhooks let you subscribe to events within your chat application. When that event occurs, Chatkit will trigger the request […]

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After talking to our customers and gaining a better understanding of usage, we are updating our usage tiers to give you more generous limits. Beginning today, our free and business plans have been updated with more generous limits. This is to ensure our customers have more time and flexibility to upgrade between plans as they […]

Yesterday we launched Sessions — a website where you can watch videos of top-notch talks from developer meetups. To date, our production team has recorded, produced, and transcribed around 50 talks by 50 inspiring speakers, and we’re expanding. If you run an event or know one that needs recording, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Why we […]

We collaborated with The Skater Dev to produce a video we think you’re really going to enjoy…. In this video, The Skater Dev teaches you how build a realtime comment feed using Laravel, Laravel Echo, and the Pusher Laravel Echo integration. He also touches on Vue.js – an up-and-coming front-end MVVM framework. Check it out: […]

Hackference This year, Alex Pate and I (Alex Booker) headed to Birmingham on behalf of Pusher for the alleged final Hackference . I say “alleged” because for the last three years running, it has been said that each Hackference is the “final Hackference” and it’s turned into a bit of a running joke ?. We […]

The era of Virtual Reality computing is about to begin. Analysts forecast that VR will become a $30 billion industry by 2020. It’s also a lot of fun. In this talk, Peter O’Shaughnessy teaches us how to build virtual reality web applications for Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard, using the new WebVR API along […]

In this talk, Michael Langmayr talks about how GraphQL and Relay can enhance data fetching in your client-side applications. He also makes the case for replacing Redux with Relay and touches on why Facebook felt the need for another data store technology. Watch the video on YouTube below and enjoy ?: [00:00:07] Hello everybody, so […]

Redux is usually taught with synchronous actions – these are easier to understand but as developers of web apps, we tend to deal with asynchronous actions a lot more often. In this talk, Christopher McDonald compares 3 libraries to assist you with asynchronous Redux actions: redux-thunk, redux-promise, and redux-saga. Chris also compares the different approaches […]

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One of the more popular use cases for Pusher comes in the form of notifications (a short message that pops up on the user’s screen to tell them about an event such as an item being delivered). Pusher is a great fit for this as it’s easy to send data to users in realtime to […]

Most people use Babel to compile ES2015 or JSX code. But it’s actually a multi-purpose JavaScript compilation tool. This talk by Matt Zeunert (@mattzeunert) will show how you can use Babel to create your own code transformation rules. This talk was filmed at JS Monthly London on July 25 2016. [00:00:05] Hi everyone. I’m going […]

In this talk, Carl Crawford (@StickyCarl) gives a whirlwind tour of the more popular and useful libraries available to React developers. This talk was filmed at JS Monthly London on July 25 2016. [00:00:05] I’m Carl. I’m a full-time developer at Sticky World. I like cats. Before that I was researching optimisation for dynamic initialisation. […]