Creating a framework in the Apple developer ecosystem is a bit of a mixed bag. Some of the tools you come into contact with are intuitive, reliable, and a joy to use. Others are incredibly frustrating and you can lose hours (and days) to battling with them, before eventually emerging either victorious or completely disillusioned. […]

Swift 3 was released on September 13th 2016. PusherSwift 3.0.0 was released on 14th September 2016. A day late, I know, but in my potentially slightly biased opinion, it was worth waiting those extra 24 hours. It’s been pointed out to me, on many occasions, that I never wrote a blog post announcing our release […]

Since it was announced to the world at WWDC 2014, Swift has seen a myriad of improvements — and is only going to see more after Apple came good on their promise of open sourcing it in December. I was incredibly excited, and a little surprised, when Apple announced Swift. That’s not to say that […]

Hitting your limits is inconvenient, but is a necessary part of us protecting other users. We want to make your life easier at every opportunity, and the previous system wasn’t doing that. As a result, we’ve added some new features to make sure you can receive notifications when your account hits its limits in ways […]

We’ve provided webhooks that enable you to have your server be notified of events occurring within Pusher for some time. We currently offer three different types of webhook: channel existence, presence, and client event webhooks. These webhooks have allowed customers to keep servers in sync with who is connected to their service, track which channels […]

If you’ve used the debug console for one of your Pusher apps in the last couple of weeks you might have noticed some changes. Yesterday we made another addition, which, combined with the other updates, should make using the debug console substantially better! The most noticeable changes are at the top of the debug console. […]

Olga and I travelled to Venice over the weekend just gone in order to represent Pusher at the latest instalment of this year’s Battlehack, BattleHack Venice. This was my third time at a BattleHack event but it was Olga’s first. She’d read the previous Berlin, Tokyo, Athens and London blog posts and heard us extolling […]

prizes for winners

The London Marathon wasn’t the only big competition that happened this past weekend. It was also London’s turn to take part in BattleHack 2015. This year is the first year that we at Pusher have been invited by Braintree to be a BattleHack partner and the London event was the first of the finals that […]

Pusher at Royal Hackathon

As we mentioned in our post announcing the official pusher-angular library we were at ngEurope last week. For those of you who don’t know, ngEurope was the first conference in Europe dedicated to AngularJS. There was a stellar lineup of speakers and the event was setup with a single stream of talks for all attendees. […]

Over the last year or so there have been a few of us at Pusher HQ who have decided to give AngularJS a go. After some initial teething problems we have gone to grow pretty fond of it. Around the same time that we started playing around with AngularJS there were some Pusher-Angular integrations that […]