In this talk Fiona McLaren discusses the role of product managers and how to succeed in building a product in a larger team that’s all pushing in the same direction. This talk was part of the Front-end London (FEL) March 2016 event. [00:00:02] As Ilya said, I’m a product manager here. You might be thinking, […]


Writing applications that are both maintainable and scalable is a challenge, but one we can more easily overcome with modularisation. The emergence of new module types and powerful tools has furnished JavaScript developers with the freedom and control they need to deliver easy-to-manage and larger scale web products. In this talk, Richard Bultitude explains what […]


There are thousands of articles and blogs out there about what it’s like working in a startup. Most of them extoll the virtues of Friday beers and remote working, but they struggle to give you much detail about what your work will actually entail. In this article I want to dismiss the image of the […]


Back in March I had the pleasure of flying out to San Francisco to speak at Fluent Conf, a yearly event organised by O’Reilly focused on front-end development, to speak about Universal JavaScript. You can find the video below, along with links to the slides and extra information. By writing our applications in this universal […]


Let’s imagine you’ve got: Some miniature tracking equipment A load of bees Patience You could use up that patience by attaching a tracker to each bee. That way you can tabs on all your bees and see where they’re hanging out. Super neat! This will generate some great data; you’ll be able to see the […]


As your apps connect with more users and send them more messages, we wanted to make it easy to keep track of your usage on Pusher. You can now get daily or weekly usage summaries delivered to your inbox, on Slack, or as a webhook. If you only want to get notifications when you hit […]


We’ve just released some changes to our C# .NET library to make it easier to work with while supporting some of the more recent features of the .NET framework.

In certain very specific use cases your integration may break, so we’ve incremented our version number to v3.0.0.

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Today we’re continuing our Building Realtime Apps tutorial series by taking a look at how to build a realtime chat application using CycleJS, a functional, reactive framework that uses the Reactive JavaScript Extensions under the hood. We’ll see how to model an application using Cycle and get familiar with the core concept of RxJS: data […]


Last week Olia, Jack & I went to DjangoCon in Budapest. The first thing that struck me about the conference was the spectacular venue; this year DjangoCon was held in the Budapest Music Centre – a modern, fresh and beautiful space. Each year DjangoCon EU is held in an entirely different venue – recent years […]


Last week a module called left-pad, just 11 lines of JavaScript long, broke the internet. The module — relied on by the likes of Babel, React and other popular libraries — was removed from npm (the package manager for NodeJS) and suddenly everything stopped working as it should. Unsurprisingly developers around the world began to […]


Here at Pusher we’re always trying new approaches to web development and engineering to uncover ways of making our software more reliable. That’s why I’ve recently been using QuickCheck to fuzz test our Raft implementation with some great results. In this blog post, I want to demonstrate how this is an an effective technique for […]


A couple of weeks ago Vivan and I packed our bags to head to Nottingham for Hack24, a weekend hackathon held by Tech Nottingham. We were looking forward to seeing what inventive uses of Pusher a crowd of 100+ hackers could come up with in a short space of time. Hack24 was held in the […]