The debate for whether designers should learn to code is not brand new anymore, however, it is a question that still keeps arising and baffling many. In today’s so ever changing digital climate it is quite difficult to pin point what exactly one should do. In her talk, Kristina Olivia talks about how we can […]


It’s time to say goodbye to again, only this time it’s not to enemies (Internet Explorer 6 and 7), but old friends. In this talk, Mike Riethmuller (@MikeRiethmuller) gives a eulogy for some much loved design patterns and techniques we love but sadly don’t need anymore. Warning ⚠️: Mike says “This will be an emotional […]


The onset of HTTP/2 is upon us. Now over 75% of your users browsers support the low-latency transfer protocol, yet adoption has been slow. What does this really mean for us as frontend developers? How can we utilise HTTP/2’s features to deliver fast experiences? Have our best practices become anti-patterns? What is the tooling landscape […]


It’s that time of year again. A new iPhone, a controversial hardware innovation (no headphone jack? Oh no they didn’t!), and a new version of iOS. With iOS 10, there are new features to make Notifications more useful, such as rich media and interactive actions. You can start sending push notifications with all of the […]


One of the more popular use cases for Pusher comes in the form of notifications (a short message that pops up on the user’s screen to tell them about an event such as an item being delivered). Pusher is a great fit for this as it’s easy to send data to users in realtime to […]


Most people use Babel to compile ES2015 or JSX code. But it’s actually a multi-purpose JavaScript compilation tool. This talk by Matt Zeunert (@mattzeunert) will show how you can use Babel to create your own code transformation rules. This talk was filmed at JS Monthly London on July 25 2016. [00:00:05] Hi everyone. I’m going […]


Node-RED is a tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways. In this talk, Dalton explores the reasons behind its use, its architecture, and some of the key “nodes” within it. This talk was filmed at JS Monthly London on July 25 2016. [00:00:07] Hi everyone, my name […]


This summer I’ve been working at Pusher (“powering realtime with spit and glue”, as my mug says). When I’m not interning, I’m doing a Ph.D in testing concurrent programs at the University of York, so it was a bit of a change. Not many people arrange a nice relaxing break by getting a full-time job, […]


In this talk, Carl Crawford (@StickyCarl) gives a whirlwind tour of the more popular and useful libraries available to React developers. This talk was filmed at JS Monthly London on July 25 2016. [00:00:05] I’m Carl. I’m a full-time developer at Sticky World. I like cats. Before that I was researching optimisation for dynamic initialisation. […]


We’re excited to announce the open source release of Go Interface Fuzzer, a tool for automating the boilerplate of writing a fuzz tester to compare implementations of an interface. Let’s jump straight into the real-world example which motivated this. We have a message store, where all the operations are expressed in an interface. Here’s a […]


MVC is a well-established design pattern that is currently being challenged by the Facebook Flux architecture. In this talk, Guy Nesher (@GuyNesher) covers the core differences, the reason for the change, and looks at one implementation of Flux using the Redux library. This talk was filmed at JS Monthly London on July 25 2016. [00:00:04] […]


A few weeks ago I joined Pusher. In preparation for my technical interview, I decided that I could make a small project that used Pusher so that I could showcase it at the end of the interview. Well, maybe only showcase it if it went well! Apparently, it did. The project itself would need to […]