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How Pitchbox Helps Users Improve Conversion Rates by 18% with Pusher

  - - Case Studies

Today we’re happy to feature a guest post written by Michael Geneles, co-founder of Pitchbox, demonstrating how Pitchbox helps its users close deals and how Pusher comes into play. Timing is everything – especially when closing sales, securing media placements or following up with hot leads. Pitchbox is a prospecting, outreach and relationship building platform

Pusher-JS Client 2.2.0 Released

  - - Announcement

After several months of beta-testing, we’re happy to announce that the stable release of pusher-js 2.2.0 has been published. We didn’t receive any complaints about the last release candidate and our statistics indicate visible improvements in reliability and performance of the library. We wrote about the changes in previous posts about 2.2.0-rc1 and 2.2.0-rc2, but

Introducing the Pusher Team: Hamilton, Loïc, Lauren

  - - Life at Pusher

We’ve been busy over the past few months, both with developing our product and hiring new people to help us build awesome products and make your life easier. Today we’d like to introduce our latest team members, and how their work ultimately helps you. Oh, and there are funny stories too. Hamilton Chapman, Growth Engineer

Pusher Hackday: Making the Office Realtime

  - - Life at Pusher

Hackdays are an important part of Pusher’s culture, and every few months we take a day to build something completely different from what we normally do. We recently held a hackday in March, on the theme of ‘making the office realtime’. What’s a hackday? Hackdays generally bring together the developers of a company to work

New Feature: Receiving Client Events via Webhooks

  - - Announcement

It’s always a good day in the Pusher office when we can announce a new feature for you all to use. This time around we’re happy to unveil our new client_event Webhook, allowing you to be notified on your server as soon as Client Events are sent within a Private or Presence Channel on your

Pusher Community Libraries Highlights

  - - Editorial

Every so often we see people within the Pusher community going out of their way to help others. Sometimes this is by creating their own community libraries for their favourite platform, other times it’s helping answer questions on StackOverflow. In short, you guys are amazing – the things you do never fails to put a

The Rise of the 2nd Screen

  - - Industry Insights

Real-time has improved our lives massively as consumers, and offers many advantages to developers and designers who make use of it in their projects. We’ve seen real-time being applied to in many use cases: messaging, information displays, push notifications being a few of them. One use case of real-time that’s rapidly growing in significance which

Track Your Sneezes in Real-Time (and Exercise) with Sneezeups

  - - User highlights

Have you ever felt the need to get down on the ground and do push-ups when you sneeze? No? What do you mean, you don’t want to do push-ups and stay healthy!?* Pusher can neither confirm nor deny whether its team members do push-ups upon a sneeze or stay cozy in their chairs Well, guess

Pusher-js 2.2.0-rc2 Release

  - - Announcement

We have just released the second release candidate for 2.2.0, which contains several reliability improvements and bugfixes. Here’s a quick summary of the most important changes: Dependency loader reliability improvements Before 2.2.0-rc2, when attempting to fetch fallback files in an offline state, the dependency loader would fail permanently and disable the transport until the next

OKRs: Implementation and Challenges

  - - Editorial

As Pusher continues to expand, we have an increasing need to maintain and improve alignment across teams. At the beginning of the year, we decided to adopt the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) system to put this into practice. OKRs have a wide following from some of the greatest companies in the tech world. We