Announcing The State of APIs 2018 report

Today we are proud to announce the results in the State of APIs 2018 report. ? ? ?

In September 2018, we partnered with Radius Global and interviewed 400 professional application developers based in the United States and in the United Kingdom, looking to understand how they make decisions regarding API development or purchase.

Here are some of our key findings:

Professional application developers anticipate using 3rd party APIs more in 2019

76% of developers we interviewed in the USA and UK are looking to use as much or more 3rd party APIs in 2019. This is attributed to the strong belief that 3rd party APIs are more likely to improve functionality and time/cost savings.

Developers who use 3rd party APIs save 40% development time

Time and cost are the driving factors across both markets. The time resource is a clearer first choice in the USA (21% of responses), while the UK places almost equal importance on cost (19%) and time to market (18%).

Mid-size companies present best opportunity for 3rd party API market

In both USA and UK, the inclination to buy API functionality increases in medium-sized companies and larger development teams (51+). Medium-sized companies show the largest usage of 3rd party APIs as they are large enough to have the required resources and needs but lack internal capabilities of large enterprises.

? See the full report here?

Our State of APIs 2019 predictions

We predict that APIs will take bigger and bigger roles in apps, often providing entire features at a time. Chat, identity, and accepting payments are only 3 important features that existing APIs can provide and save months of development time for each feature.

Another area we are excited about is what the paradigms of serverless and edge computing are bringing to the table in 2019. We feel that the industry is bringing back the idea of using APIs to “mash” together with new functionality with ease, with the addition that now we can use them everywhere and anywhere computing happens.

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