Spotlight: Lindt competition by Your Interface

The communications agency Your Interface has been working on a new Lindt competition in which people share and vote for photos and can win Lindt chocolate.

How does the contest work, and how does it engage users?

Every user can upload three photos containing the Lindt Gold Bunny and vote on other photos. The best ten photos receive a voucher usable in the Lindt Store.

What functionality is powered by Pusher?

Pusher powers the activity stream which shows different actions:

  • New user registration
  • New photo uploaded
  • New vote
  • Sharing on Twitter or Facebook

How does this functionality improve the user experience?

The activity stream enables users to discover new photos, watch the trend and see the shared photos.

Last year users could only see the images sorted by date or rank. Discovering new photos was too difficult and the users ended up only voting for the first photos. Now the stream enables a new way to discover photos recently voted for, uploaded or shared. This flow of information could also improve the sense of community.

This year we see a voting and sharing increase, which is exactly what we hoped for when we added the stream functionality.

Have you got any technical tips or code that could help other Pusherinos?

Our main suggestion is to use the example provided by Pusher and customize it. During the test phase we used the Event Creator functionality a lot, it’s very useful!

Thanks to Gabriele Perego and the rest of the team at Your Interface for sharing their Pusher experience! If you’ve built something useful and/or weird and wonderful we’d love to hear from you.

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