Spotlight: Kanbanery

Sean Crabtree from Lunar Logic Polska has told us about their task management application Kanbanery and how they’re using Pusher to show changes in realtime.

What does your app do, and what problems does it solve for your users?

Kanbanery is a web-based task board that helps people work more effectively, both individually and in teams, by presenting their work in progress in a simple, visual manner on multiple platforms, from their desktop to mobile devices using our iPhone and iPad app.

What functionality is powered by Pusher?

Members are able to see realtime updates to all changes made to tasks within a shared project, such as the progress of a task in relationship to the overall process as well as any added, deleted or updated comments, subtasks or attached files.

How does this new functionality improve the user experience for your users?

With the popularity of teams working remotely or in different time zones, real time functionality greatly increases the efficiency of a team by ensuring that a current task’s progress and attributes are immediately viewable or new tasks are updated and viewable by all team members, regardless of which browser or operating system they’re using.

What affect has using Pusher had on your development process?

Before Pusher was available, we built our own solution that was similar. Even though ours scaled nicely, we decided against maintaining it in favor of using Pusher — we learned the lesson: don’t build it yourself just because you can.

The Pusher team’s continuous focus on maintaining full functionality with the latest updates to all browsers gives our customers the best interaction experience with our web-based tools, while also freeing up our development team to focus on building a better product.

Thanks again for such a seamless integration process!

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