Spotlight: Bookings Management Made Easy with DigitalBooker

DigitalBooker is a web-based  Bookings Management system, designed with customers in mind. From managing bookings for bowling lanes to organising time for Zumba classes, each system is built to fully suit its main purpose.  Fredrik Rönnlund tells us how Pusher technology is integrated into the application to avoid frustration and improve customer service.

What does DigitalBooker do, and what problems does it solve for your users?

DigitalBooker is an online booking system for barbers, yoga houses, tennis clubs, car wash garages and pretty much any service businesses, that require time-booking systems. DigitalBooker consists of two parts: the admin side, which is a calendar with all the bookings for the service provider and a public side for the end-customers, which they use to handle their bookings. Our main goal is to make it hassle-free and easy to use for both of these.

What functionality is powered by Pusher?

Pusher updates the administrator’s calendar instantly whenever somebody makes a booking online. This instant feedback prevents the same booking from being made twice, and gives the user an intuitive user interface to work with. The immediate feedback given by the interface (powered by Pusher) allows customers deal with thousands of bookings a day efficiently and with minimal fuss and complete clarity.

How does this new functionality improve the user experience for your users?

It provides them with instant feedback instead of delayed feedback and thus, removes frustration and makes our users happier.

Have you got any technical tips or code that could help other Pusherinos?

Everything is in the documentation, it’s not rocket surgery and anyone can use it, so no tips are needed ;)

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