Realtime Web Workshop at Chicago Web Conf

We’re heading to Chicago Web Conf this October! The conference is co-organised by our friends at DevMynd with workshops on the 5th and a conference day on the 6th of October. We’re very excited to be running a 3 hour Realtime Web Workshop covering:

  • History and current state of the Realtime Web
  • Realtime Web Technology choices and Use Cases
  • Connecting
  • Publishing & Subscribing
  • Security considerations
  • Development best practices and tooling

So, if you’re interested in building activity streams, chat, realtime data dashboards, interactive user experiences, gaming elements, or collaborative functionality into your web or mobile application then the Realtime Web Workshop is definitely for you.

Check out the conference schedule and sign up.

Pre-requisites for the workshop are:

  • Some understanding of JavaScript and ideally jQuery
  • Some back-end language knowledge in one of: PHP, Ruby (Rails/Sinatra), node.js (expressjs), ASP.NET or Python
  • Access to a web server to run the back-end code
  • Just to be thorough: your own laptop, a text editor and a web browser
  • Internet access, which Chicago Web Conf will be providing


Ready to begin?

Start building your realtime experience today.

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