Pusher-powered QuizUp takes both sides of the Atlantic by storm

You’re on the bus, commuting to or out of work. Maybe you’ve got a few minutes to spare to just relax for a bit. A game would do nicely, but you don’t really want to go back to matching candies, do you?

Enter QuizUp

QuizUp is a trivia game developed by Plain Vanilla Games that has clinched the #1 spot in the ‘Free Games’ section of the US App Store. As of 4pm BST on the 13th of November, the game has taken the top spot in the UK App Store as well.

It’s also clinched the #1 spot in ‘justification for playing games during work hours’ since it’s always good to have some firsthand experience when doing writeups on apps, but don’t tell the Pusherinos. I’ve already been told in graphic detail what happens to misbehaving interns.

Know your facts

The game allows players to easily compete against each other in timed quizzes in topics ranging from tabletop games to biology. Players have 10 seconds to respond to each question, with 7 questions in a set – brilliant for having a quick match or two on the go, since each usually takes less than a minute.

QuizUp uses Pusher to allow for players to race against each other in realtime to select the right answer and gain more points, particularly vital in a quick fire game such as this.

Since its release a week ago on the 7th of November, we’ve watched in a mixture of enjoyment and astonishment as their meteoric growth played out in real time on our charts.  It’d be an understatement to say that we’re proud to see how our platform has been fully utilised to provide such a great app.

QuizUp Growth

Give it a go

Do give it a try; whether you triumph or find your general knowledge lacking, you’ll very quickly see why it’s top of the charts.

What other cool projects or games are you building in the meantime?

Give us a tweet (and more reason to play)!


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