Pusher Now Available Through Windows Azure Mobile Services Platform

We’re pleased to announce that Pusher is now available as an add-on to Windows Azure Mobile Services apps through the Microsoft Windows Azure Store. With this partnership it’s now possible to add realtime web functionality that goes far beyond simple notifications, to offering the potential for much richer interactive and collaborate application experiences.

Our first tutorial covers how to synchronise Todo list data between Windows Azure and an iOS app. It does this by using Mobile Services server scripts which listen to Windows Azure data change events (think database triggers). When these events occur the Pusher node.js library is used to instantly deliver the changes to any listening iOS clients who receive the data by using the Pusher iOS/Objective-C library (libPusher).

Window Azure Pusher Add-on

Filip W has also written up a great post on Building real time applications for any client with Azure Mobile Services & Pusher which I highly recommend reading. I particularly like the fact that Filip has seen how combining Azure CRON jobs which query other APIS with Pusher means he can now expose any API in realtime to any client.

Because it’s so easy to use Pusher we can’t wait to seeing how existing applications – which already harness the power of the Windows Azure cloud platform – will add realtime functionality using us. And, of course, we’re very excited to see what innovative realtime web applications will be built using the power of Windows Azure and Pusher.

We’ve seen Pusher used for in-app notifications, activity streams, chat, document collaboration, second screen apps, realtime games and even for remotely controlling robots (from iPhone controlled Arduino cars to t-shirt firing cannons). If you’re looking for inspiration checkout our showcases and use case posts.

We’ll be sure to post updates on our blog as we create additional resources to help developers use Pusher on Windows Azure. But, for now, the best ways to get started are:

  1. The Windows Azure Pusher add-on with iOS tutorial
  2. Filip W’s post on Building real time applications for any client with Azure Mobile Services & Pusher

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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