New Pusher Channels Cluster us3, in AWS us-west-2 (Oregon, US West Coast)

This year we’re excited to announce a new Pusher Channels cluster in the us-west-2 region in Oregon, USA! This Oregon cluster lets everybody with servers on the US West Coast achieve lower latencies at no extra charge.

Last year we expanded our reach into Tokyo.

To use the us3 cluster, you need to select it when you create a new Pusher Channels app. Here’s where you choose a cluster when you create a new app:

image for announcing a new pusher cluster in Oregon, US post
Choosing a cluster while setting up new Pusher channels app

Then, in your Channels clients, specify us3 for APP_CLUSTER to use this cluster. Here’s an example in pusher-js:

var pusher = new Pusher(YOUR_APP_KEY, { cluster: "us3" });

You can find client-side examples as well as backend examples on the Cluster Configuration documentation page. All of the official Channels libraries support specifying a cluster.

If you have an existing Channels app, you can not edit its cluster. If you want to change the cluster for an app in production, you should follow the steps to migrate it to a new app to ensure that your users don’t experience service disruption.

What other regions should we have clusters in? Please let us know by emailing or tweeting @pusher. For larger customers, we are able to deploy dedicated clusters to any region, you can contact sales to learn more.

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