Notify Chatkit users when they miss messages with Push Notifications

We’re excited to announce that Pusher Chatkit — a set of APIs that enables you to build bespoke in-app messaging inside your mobile and web apps — now supports Push Notifications in the Swift and Android SDKs (docs).

With just a few steps, developers can ensure that Chatkit users receive missed messages as push notifications.

Here’s how to set up Chatkit Push Notifications:

  1. Upload FCM (Android) or APNs (iOS) keys to your Chatkit instance inside to get started
  2. Add a few lines of code to your app from the setup guides (iOS / Android) and release to the app store
  3. Once your users update to the latest app version and authorize push notifications for an app running your Chatkit instance, they’ll receive push notifications for messages they miss in private channels or 1:1

How do Chatkit Push Notifications work behind the scenes?

Chatkit Push Notifications are delivered by Pusher’s servers to authenticated Chatkit users.

When a user sends a message to a private room, the Chatkit Push Notifications service checks Chatkit Presence to determine whether the recipients are online. Push Notifications are only sent to users who are not online.

As a developer, you don’t need to worry about orchestrating the delivery. Users will be able to swipe a push notification to launch the app back to missed messages.

What content is in Chatkit Push Notifications?

Chatkit Push Notifications include valuable contextual information so that the user can either follow a conversation without launching the app or decide to return to the chat.

Each notification includes:

  • app name — the name of your iOS or Android application
  • app icon — the icon for your iOS or Android application
  • Chatkit channel name — the name of the private channel where the missed message occurred, as defined by your running Chatkit service
  • Chatkit message body — the body of the missed message, automatically truncated with an ‘…’ at 140 characters to adhere to operating system limits

Available in Beta

Chatkit Push Notifications is released as a Beta feature. We’d like to hear your feedback so that we can incorporate it into future releases.

Chatkit Push Notifications is included on all Chatkit plans, including the sandbox plan. Get started with the setup guides (iOS / Android) today.

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