New Vue & Laravel video courses

This week we have gathered some new video courses for your delight:

The Ultimate Vue JS 2 Developers Course

Anthony Gore is a web developer from Sydney, Australia and is the author of the book Full-Stack Vue.js 2 and Laravel 5, as well as a Vue.js course creator on Udemy, where he has over 4K students. He is also the curator of the Vue.js Developers Newsletter.

His course on Udemy will teach you how to master VueJS by building 3 professional, real world web applications using Vue – an online store, a cinema booking system, and a calendar application.
It includes a bonus section on how to use Pusher with the online store project in order to keep the shopping cart contents in sync across multiple tabs.

Here’s a taster video to get you started:

Build a video manager app using YouTube API, Laravel application and Vuejs

Amitav Roy is a software developer from India with more than 7 years experience. He loves coding and helping the PHP community. He teaches web development on YouTube where he has over 7K subscribers.

Amitav’s course teaches you how to create a video manager application powered by YouTube’s APIs. It’s a playlist of 16 videos on YouTube that take you step by step through the process of creating an application.
In Chapter 15 he explains how to use Pusher Channels in order to add realtime comments to each videos.

Check out Amitav’s course here

If you have a course and are interested in adding Pusher’s tech to it get in touch ?!

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