New Pusher features

We have recently pushed out (no pun intended) a bunch of new features to the service. The highlights (apart from stability and bug fixes) are:

Create multiple apps

You can now create multiple ‘apps’ for your account, each with their own authentication credentials. It takes just a few seconds.

Subscribe to multiple channels per page

Some applications need to get data from more than one place at a time. You can use an aggregated channel, but this is sometimes a bit inefficient.

Consider a widget dashboard where each widget has its own data feed. You can now do the following:

var myPusherConnection = new Pusher(YOUR_API_KEY);
var widget1Channel = myPusherConnection.subscribe("widget1");
var widget2Channel = myPusherConnection.subscribe("widget2");

You can bind events to these channels as expected:

    // update widget 1 with the new data 

    // update widget 2 with the new data 

More about this in the pusher-js docs.

Subscribe to authorized private channels

Last but not least, we have added the ability to verify the authenticity of the clients who are listening to channels. This involves a callback to your server to generate a signature based on a given socket id. There are far more details about this here.

Please note that these last 2 features require version 1.4 of the hosted Javascript Library (

As usual, let us know how you get on (you can create a free account here). We hope this allows people to make even cooler stuff!


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