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We’ve been busy partnering with two exciting course creators, Nick Janetakis and Anthony Herbert about using Pusher in their Flask projects. Anthony created a chat app with Pusher and jQuery and Nick went into the nitty gritty of building a SaaS Application with Flask. Read a summary of the courses next including steps to sign up.

Python and Flask are increasingly popular, and Flask is one of the most popular frameworks for building backend applications for Python.

The courses

Build a SaaS App with Flask

Nick Janetakis has over 20 years of experience doing full stack development with Python, Flask, Docker, and other technologies involved. His courses are followed by over 20K students.

This comprehensive course covers everything you need to develop, test, and publish a SaaS product with over 13 hours of material split across 185 lessons.

It includes integration with external services to accept payments, as well as covering basic DevOps topics on how to bundle and run everything with Docker – to let you avoid the “works on my machine” dilemmas.

Nick created a feature where he explains the value of real-time services, and the benefits WebSocket technology offers, especially when used with Pusher. The course will teach you to use Pusher to build a real-time “fake facts” application, and works as a bonus add-on to the base course.

If all that sounds interesting to you please go check out Nick’s course.

Creating a Chat App in Flask Using Pusher and jQuery

Anthony Herbert is a self-taught developer and course creator with more than 10 years of experience. He hosts the web development courses on his website, Pretty Printed and has more than 11K subscribers on his YouTube channel.

This 1-hour video course takes a step-by-step approach to building a chat application, from project setup and creating a Pusher Channels application, to building the logic, UI and the database integration. He uses Channels for publishing and all messages between the subscribers in real-time.

Check out Anthony’s course:

Do you have a course and are interested in adding Pusher’s tech to it? Get in touch ? !

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