Making it Cheaper to Get Started

Today, we are making the first significant change to our pricing since our public beta 5 years ago. The changes are primarily aimed at new customers, however, existing customers will also benefit from it.

Going live on our free tier

Firstly, we’re making our free tier (Sandbox) more generous. This is to help those who are getting started and makes Pusher much more attractive for small production applications and prototypes. We’ve always been enthusiastic advocates of individual developers, and those who are trying to get an idea off the ground. We want to make sure that we continue to be a great solution for these users.

We’re increasing the limits of the Sandbox plan from 20 connections and 100,000 messages per day to 100 connections and 200,000 messages per day.

We believe that by using services such as Pusher, you can reduce the time it takes to release your idea, app or prototype. You can gain valuable feedback from users and keep improving rapidly.

More usage for existing Bootstrap customers

With the limits increase on the Sandbox plan, we are removing the Bootstrap plan. Current Bootstrap customers are being grandfathered at $19 / month to the Startup plan and will benefit from higher limits too. going from 100 max connections to 500 and from 200,000 messages per day to a million messages per day.

Introducing the Pro Plan

We love seeing our users grow. We are adding the Pro plan which will make the transition from the Startup and Business plans easier. The Pro plan gives you 2000 concurrent connections and 4 million messages / day for $99 / month. This is a great plan for growing production applications.

Price increases for our higher plans

At the same time as doing this, we are also adjusting our pricing for new users with higher usage (existing customers are grandfathered into their current pricing). This is designed to better reflect the value that we provide to people using us as a critical part of their application stack.

While we understand that no-one likes the idea of increased pricing, these increases will allow us to expand our product development efforts, and increase the levels of service we can offer to all of our customers. We’re a profitable company that lives or dies on the back of our paying customers. We are incredibly grateful for the contribution you all make to our continued success.

You can see the new pricing table on our pricing page.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

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