Join us in the HTML5 game revolution at onGameStart

HTML5 Games are going to be huge. Fact! HTML5 is reducing the barriers to making games so that everyone can get on board. No longer do you need to be a C++ programmer to build a game. No longer do you need a compiler, a super computer or a host of development tools. All you need is a web browser and a text editor. It couldn’t get much easier!

Although some of the games development barriers have come down it doesn’t mean that all aspects of games development are now easy. Some games require physics, state saving, player interaction and a host of other relatively complex things still need to be considered.

This is why conferences such as onGameStart are so important in getting game developers together to share their knowledge. This one is special because it will be the world’s first conference focusing entirely on HTML5 games. This is taking place in Warsaw, Poland on 22nd to 23rd September 2011. There are some fantastic speakers lined up and it’ll be a great opportunity to meet other HTML5 games developers, learn a bucket-load of things about best practices and helper libraries, and really get you in the game-zone. Whether it’s Mobile, WebGL, Canvas or MMOG (or should that be MMORTG – Massively Multiplayer Online RealTime Games) onGameStart has it covered. Go get your ticket now.

We are sponsoring the event to show our backing for this upcoming revolution. This is also part of our commitment and passion for becoming an integral part of the next generation of HTML5 games infrastructure. Pusher makes it really easy to add realtime functionality to any game, whether it’s realtime scoreboards, in-game chat, communicating player movement or game world state synchronisation. We take away a headache that let’s game developers concentrate on the fun stuff.

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