Infrastructure Around the Globe With New Clusters in Europe and Asia

As Pusher has grown, our customers are building more and more apps for users around the world; we are delivering realtime data wherever they are.

When you create a new app on Pusher, you choose a cluster. A cluster represents the physical location of the servers that handle requests from your app. We have heard from our customers that they want to develop apps for users in specific regions, so we are helping them do that with more clusters.

Today we are giving developers the option to use two new clusters: one for Europe eu-west-1 that was previously in beta, and a new cluster for the Asia Pacific region ap-southeast-1. This will allow developers building apps with users in Europe and Asia to keep network latency low by using a cluster that is located near their servers and the majority of their users.

Since European data protection regulations specify that personal data should not leave the borders of the EU, we are making it easy for our customers to build EU regulation-compliant apps on Pusher. For larger customers, we are able to deploy dedicated clusters to any region, you can contact sales to learn more.

When you build an app on Pusher, you select one cluster. Our clusters are not connected to each other, and this is by design. Consistency is important to us, and we are not happy with the compromises needed to replicate data across clusters, such as inaccurate ordering of messages, dropped messages, or increased latency. Reliability is core to the Pusher platform, so we support strong internal redundancy for each cluster instead of global redundancy between clusters.

You can select a cluster for each app you create in Pusher. Choose a cluster closest to your servers and the majority of your users. With more options for clusters now available, all of the official Pusher libraries have been updated to support specifying a cluster.

How do you configure the cluster option?

In pusher-js:

var pusher = new Pusher("APP_KEY", {
  cluster: "APP_CLUSTER"

You can find other client-side examples as well as backend examples on the Cluster Configuration documentation page.

Do you have a region that you would like us to support a cluster for in the future? Please let us know by emailing

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