Improving Customer’s App Experiences in Realtime

Our Head of Marketing, Amina Waters was invited to speak on the topic of improving customer’s real time app experiences by ReachForce, the company that helps marketers increase revenue contribution by providing continuous data quality management.

Amina discussed what businesses should be doing to create more effective apps more efficiently. Here are some of the highlights of her interview:

What are some of the challenges facing businesses today when developing the infrastructure to build their digital products?

Many businesses reach the build versus buy dilemma. If they choose to create realtime features in-house, they will need a lot of resources, both in terms of time and financial resources and the end solution might not scale very well. Essentially, they would invest three-plus months and two developer salaries to get something similar and then pay a monthly maintenance fee.
With Pusher, a similar setup will cost them significantly less and they can be up and running by the end of the week so they don’t have to worry about maintaining and scaling the infrastructure. Their development team can instead focus on building the key features of their app that solve the business problem they are addressing, in turn, providing a richer feature set to their end users.

What types of apps have gone out of style or aren’t as popular?

We’re seeing software developers moving to build more interactive apps as users have come to expect great user experiences where information updates in real time as soon as it is available. Therefore, apps that require users to constantly tap refresh buttons and then tediously wait for new information to appear just don’t cut it anymore, and they will pay for this with lower user involvement.

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