How Pitchbox Helps Users Improve Conversion Rates by 18% with Pusher

Today we’re happy to feature a guest post written by Michael Geneles, co-founder of Pitchbox, demonstrating how Pitchbox helps its users close deals and how Pusher comes into play.

Timing is everything – especially when closing sales, securing media placements or following up with hot leads.

Pitchbox logo resized Pusher realtime websocketsPitchbox is a prospecting, outreach and relationship building platform for internet marketing, public relations, and business development teams.

To generate exciting new leads, Pitchbox users can create campaigns to obtain targeted prospects. Pitchbox does all the tedious work so users can focus on pitching prospects, building relationships, and closing more deals.

The Problem

Lead generation is expensive! The worst thing to do is let a hot lead go cold. Once you get a new lead, the longer it takes you to get back to them, the less likely you will close the deal.

According to this Harvard Business Review study, most companies and firms do not follow up fast enough. The Harvard Business Review measured how long it took employees from over 2,000 U.S. companies to respond to leads. The reported average response time was 42 hours, with 24% of employees taking more than 24 hours to respond, and another 23 not responding at all.

The Solution

Pitchbox admin Pusher realtime websockets

Pitchbox boasts a Social CRM with an integrated email client. All incoming replies are automatically tied to their original prospects in the CRM. When users receive a reply from a prospect they previously reached out to or get a reply from a hot lead, they see an instant Growl-like notification powered by Pusher.

Users can click on the notification bubble to take them directly to the email. Promptly responding to leads will ensure you and your company will be fresh in the prospect’s mind. If you wait to respond a few days or even a few hours, the prospect will most likely forget about you.

The Results

To efficiently close the lead, Pitchbox helps users respond immediately – accounts with Pusher notifications have reported an 18% improvement in their conversion rate owing to rapid response times.

Push notifications help users respond to hot leads within seconds of receiving a reply. This helps our users build better relationships with their prospects, effectively manage their time, and thus closing more deals.

Additionally, Pitchbox uses Pusher’s technology to power many other productivity-enhancing notifications within the platform. For example, Pitchbox’s progress bars are powered by real-time, accurate updates on the prospecting status. More importantly, users are notified when prospecting is complete so they can jump right on fresh new leads.


Pitchbox’s integration with Pusher helps our customers close more deals and be more successful. By implementing realtime notifications and accurate information that enhances productivity, it’s allowed us to build a great, effective product.

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