How Mullen Used Pusher to Engage 100,000 Voters and Made JetBlue’s Campaign Fly

It can be a huge challenge to make a marketing campaign stand out and get attention, so imagine trying to do so during the US Presidential election. How could it be possible to create a campaign that grabs national attention on a modest budget? Mullen did just this for JetBlue, creating a viral campaign powered by Pusher’s platform.

The 2012 Presidential Election broke all records to become the most tweeted political event in history. In fact the Denver, Colorado presidential debate alone generated 10.3 million tweets. Rather than fight against this tide, Mullen came up with a great idea that hooked into consumers’ political passions.

The concept, Election Protection was born from the often heard outcry “If my candidate doesn’t win, then I’m leaving the country”. Users were encouraged to vote for their favourite candidate in the hope that if their candidate lost they may win a flight and indeed escape the country! Through a randomised draw, JetBlue provided more than 1000 free flights to lucky winners to their choice of more than 20 Caribbean destinations. Mullen used Pusher to power the live voting engine.

The campaign site let users cast their vote and watch votes from other voters being cast in realtime, this produced an interactive experience users loved to share. The campaign quickly became viral on social networks, catching the attention of major national news providers, in turn bringing more and more traffic.

By using Pusher Mullen were able to deliver the idea on time and within budget. Pusher took away any concerns of scalability and infrastructure, so that the Mullen team could concentrate on what they do best – deliver a great campaign for their client.

The campaign received over 50 million page impressions and more than 100,000 votes. This far exceeded any expectations and left a client feeling ‘blown away’ by the incredible results.


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