Developers use the Debug Console to test their applications and monitor successful responses and errors. With the release of the Mobile Push Notifications API, developers are sending push notifications to iOS and Android devices with one simple request, and we wanted to make it easy to view responses and errors. You can now see push notifications responses and errors in the Debug Console.

When you make a request through the Mobile Push Notifications API, your users get their push notification through the Apple Push Notification Service (APNs), Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), or Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) depending on whether you send to iOS or Android devices, or both.

Pusher publishes successful responses as well as errors from APNs, GCM, and FCM, as well as any invalid request errors from Pusher’s platform, in the Debug Console. We’ve unified the responses from all of the platforms to simplify the developer experience, but the responses will have platform-specific instructions as well.

To view push notifications responses in the Debug Console:

  1. Create a Pusher app
  2. Go to your app and click the tab ‘Push Notifications’
  3. Upload your APNs, GCM, or FCM credentials
  4. Subscribe a test device to an interest and send a push notification (docs)
  5. Go to the ‘Debug Console’ tab for your app, and click ‘Push Notifications’ to view the responses

If you’re ready to get started sending push notifications, you can check out the tutorials (iOS / Android) and documentation.

We would love to have your feedback about the responses we display in the Debug Console so that we can keep improving them. Get in touch!