Future Of Web Apps

Last week on Monday & Tuesday we were camped out at the Future of Web Apps (FOWA) conference in London. The conference was aimed at everyone from devs to creatives to entrepeneurs, and attracts a forward-thinking crowd to debate the latest technologies, trends and thinking on web and mobile applications. Exactly the kind of folk we at Pusher love to talk to!

It was great to listen in to talks from leading figures such as Jeffrey Zeldman, Steve Sanderson, Bruce Lawson to name but a few. Most of all though we enjoyed talking to people working on cutting-edge projects and bouncing around ideas on live interactive experiences. Thanks to everyone for making us feel so welcome and giving us plenty of ideas to bring back to the Pusher team.

For a little fun we created a demo to show people the effectiveness of Pusher. Our demonstration was a multi-player game called ‘Dolphin Race’ where players used their phone to control their dolphin to win a race. It was in the style of those old athletics games of the 80s where you had to tap keys as quick as you possibly could without your fingers falling off! Here’s a brief video of the game in action at the conference:

Thanks to Will and the team at Future Insights for a great conference!

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