Fostering the Realtime Community

It’s great to attend events, meet fellow developers, get involved in hacks and generally interact so we’ve been pretty busy attending and sponsoring events over the past week – and that is set to continue. Here are the details about some upcoming events, and a few we’ve been to over the past week or so.

Upcoming Events

Silicon Milk Roundabout – May 26 & 27, London

We’re on the looking for some awesome people to join Pusher and help shape the future of the Realtime Web. So, if you are passionate about realtime head along to Silicon Milk Roundabout and meet some of the team.

We’re also partnering with Wazoku who have created a competition for Silicon Milk Roundabout:

Write a program to play the “Startups of Shoreditch” game, and you could win a Kindle Touch

Win the competition and you’ll also win a 6 month startup Pusher plan. You can find out more information on the Startups of Shoreditch Wazoku competition site.

Startup Weekend Glasgow – May 25 – 27

One of the great things about our service is that it takes just minutes to add interactive and engaging realtime functionality to an app. So, we love to get involved in startup weekends where the focus is to get to a minimum viable produce (MVP) as quickly as possible.

Startup Weekend Glasgow is “challenging Scotland’s entrepreneurs to create, develop and launch a startup in just 54 hours” so we really hope that Pusher can help some of those startups. We are offering an awesome Pusher plan for best use of realtime at the event and we’ve also given our friends at Zendit a bunch of t-shirts to hand out.

Good luck to all the startups that are going to be attending, or being formed, at the event. I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

Fluent Conf – May 29 – 31, San Francisco

I’m going to be giving a talk on “Realtime Web Apps in the Wild” at Fluent. The focus on the talk is to demonstrate that the “Realtime Web” is much more than just a buzz term. I’ll do this by demonstrating use cases for the technology behind the realtime web, examples and demonstrations. Even my HTML5 slides use Pusher, so in combination with a 2nd screen application which is used by the audience I hope to demonstrate the real value that realtime web functionality provides to users and ultimately businesses.

Hack the Midwest – June 2nd & 3rd, Kansas City

The focus at Hack the Midwest is pretty simple. Build something awesome and Win stuff.

We’re being super-generous for this one. The prizes we’re offering here are a Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter + $250 Pusher credit for best app built on the Pusher API. The Runner up app gets $250 Pusher credit!

Just Passed

JSDay – Verona, Italy

Our man Paweł kicked things off by attending JSDay in Italy. Okay for some huh! One of the most interesting things for us was Microsoft keynote demonstrating their focus on using HTML5 to build applications on all platforms – we’re just looking forward to IE10 and native WebSocket support.

Unlock London Hackathon, London

Unlock London was organised and hosted by General Assembly London and features a whole bunch of other great APIs and services including American Experess, FourSquare, VisitBritain, Yelp, Eventbrite, SongKick, GoSquared, DUEDIL, Twilio, PlayMob, kiip and Renew. Phew!

CloudStock, London

We had a booth at CloudStock London, which was an event ran by SalesForce focusing on learning about the APIs, best practices, and tools you can use to build mobile, social, and real-time applications.

HTML5DevConf, San Francisco

I gave the same talk that I’m going to give at Fluent on “Realtime Web Apps in the Wild”. I’d say around 80+ people attended my talk. It went down well and the 2nd screen application worked a charm, thanks to reasonable WIFI at the event, and got the audience involved with the presentation as well as hopefully demonstrating one of the key purposes of realtime web technology – user interaction and engagement.

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