Learn how to build a discussion forum app with Laravel, Vuejs and Vuetify on Udemy

Find us again on Udemy in a course where you can learn how to build a single page app with Laravel, Vue.js and Vuetify. The course is created by Sarthak Shrivastava, who is a Full StackWeb Developer and Teacher from India with Laravel experience. He has over 27k students on Udemy and YouTube, and has built a great developer community on Facebook.

Sarthak is the founder of Bitfumes, a company committed to providing hassle free and quality education materials and a good learning environment for people who want to learn programming. He believes that everyone can learn and master anything and knowledge sharing is the key to increase your ability to move forward.

His course on Udemy covers how to build a single page app, more specifically a discussion forum, using Laravel, Vue.js and Vuetify. The application uses Laravel as the backend partner and Pusher as the realtime partner, powering notifications, like/dislike buttons and new replies.


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