We are thrilled to announce that Pusher is now on Udemy 🎉 📚 ! We partnered with Edwin Diaz, an entrepreneur and professional programming instructor, who created a chapter on how to use Pusher for his best selling course PHP for Beginners. Edwin has over 200K students 🎓 on Udemy and is passionate about teaching […]

We are proud to announce the first ever State of Kotlin survey! In December, I embarked on a project to chart the usage and adoption of the Kotlin programming language among developers worldwide. Kotlin was created by JetBrains in 2011 to use in their IDEs and tooling. It quickly captured hearts and minds of developers […]

I was fascinated at how the Guardian Media Lab covered the US presidential election last fall. They created what they call a live notification. It’s a persistent notification that stays in the drawer, and can change each time it receives new data. They used it to indicate which candidate was winning, and by how many […]

We thought we’d create a walkthrough of how to easily build an iOS chat app with Pusher. Together we will build a group chat application, leading you through how to use Pusher to send and show realtime messages in your UI. The app we’re building The app we’re building is a simple chat application that […]