We’re excited to announce that our brand new product, Pusher Chatkit, is now available in Public Beta 🎉🎉🎉 Whether you’re looking to add in-game player-to-player chat, live chat support, or collaborator group chat, you can do it all in record time with Chatkit. It comes packed with features that make building chat in your app […]

This article is part of our series of tutorials ‘Building Realtime Applications’, updated on a regular basis. When I browse the web, there’s nothing less helpful than a progress bar that doesn’t give me any feedback on what’s actually happening. This usually happens when the application is working on a task that needs some time […]

Update: We released an official Angular.js library since that blog post. You can read more about it in this announcement. Looking for Angular 2? We’ve recently written a new blog post on Pusher and Angular 2 that will help you get started. This blog post focuses on Angular 1. Front-end application frameworks have given developers the tools […]

Real Time Rails Rumble 2013

This weekend, hundreds of teams of Rails developers from around the globe will participate in Rails Rumble, a competition to see who can build the best Rails app in a single weekend and win cool prizes. Last year’s winners included findthin.gs (now findseri.es), revision.io, Deploy Button and there have been hundreds of useful applications created […]

Microsoft //Build 2013 is right around the corner and this year we’re excited to send a Pusher delegation to San Francisco to attend the event! In the past, we’ve worked with Microsoft to bring you some cool integrations and we are looking forward to showcase more integrations and cool stuff during the conference! We will […]