Image for tutorial whats new in angular 7

JavaScript has proved over and over again it is going nowhere soon and that statement is even made much truer by the recent release of Angular 7. Angular is a framework used to build mobile and web applications. Its first version was released by Google in 2012 and it has seen tremendous growth ever since. […]

image for chirp and pusher chatkit tutorial

We wanted to test the limits of chat integration and do something a little bit different. The teams at Pusher Chatkit and Chirp came together to create a progressive web app that uses data-over-sound to localize many devices to the same chat room with a single audible interaction. Check out the app for yourself at […]

Bolt and Pusher

This is a guest post by Phillipp Ohlandt, who is a core member of the Bolt CMS team. You can follow him on Twitter @PhillippOh. In traditional websites, users are expected to manually reload the page to discover new content, but this is not ideal. That is why modern websites instead push new content to […]

This is a guest post from our friend Marcus Noble. Last Saturday saw @JSOxford‘s second Summer of Hacks 2016 event take place. Game Dev Day gave everyone a chance to have fun throwing together games and virtual reality experiences using web technologies. Loads of awesome things were built (which you can see here) including Marcus’s […]

In this talk, Jess Bowden introduces the area of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and a basic introduction of its principles. She uses Python and some of its fundamental NLP packages, such as NLTK, to illustrate examples and topics, demonstrating how to get started with processing and analysing Natural Languages. She also looks at what NLP […]

In this talk Glenn Jones – designer, coder and co-founder of Madgex – presents a number of experiments on the crossovers of remote and client built user experiences. The aim, to find the edges of what features can be commonly provided across these two environments. This talk was filmed at Asyncjs London June [00:00:06] Today […]

This is a guest blog post written by Remo Blaser. I’m Remo, a passionate Web-developer working for a small agency called WeLoveYou in Switzerland. Using Laravel and new technologies is my daily business and I love to talk about all these stuff either on my blog, on Twitter or any other site which lets me […]

Using the paradigm of Cathedrals vs Bazaars, in this talk Adam Leskis focuses on the current state of language learning applications and how they tackle the problem by creating a few complex things (Ferraris) when a focus on creating lots of simple combinable things (Ladas) might be better. This talk was part of JSOxford (May […]

We all have strong opinions on CSS, whether good or bad. CSS can be really helpful, but if you don’t think about how it works before writing selectors, you can seriously harm the performance of your page. In this talk, Joe Reeve introduces us to browser implementations of CSS selectors and what that means for […]

Writing applications that are both maintainable and scalable is a challenge, but one we can more easily overcome with modularisation. The emergence of new module types and powerful tools has furnished JavaScript developers with the freedom and control they need to deliver easy-to-manage and larger scale web products. In this talk, Richard Bultitude explains what […]