If there’s one thing Jack and Ben are more passionate about than JavaScript, it’s teaching JavaScript. In the last few months alone, Jack and Ben have collectively reached hundreds of JavaScript developers through their educational posts, talks and workshops. In this finale of the Jack and Ben show, they deliberate the most effective ways to […]

In this talk, Seb Lee-Delisle (@seb_ly) shows us how to get started with connecting electronic components on the Raspberry Pi. Additionally, Seb shows us how to work with super bright LEDs, buttons, displays, sensors and motors entirely in JavaScript. This talk was filmed at Async in Brighton (July event). [00:00:03] Stuff That Talks to The […]

image for Using React with Visual Studio and ASP.NET Web API tutorial

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to structure a Visual Studio solution that uses React for the front-end and ASP.NET Web API for the back-end. Also, we will dive deep into how to use webpack and npm together with Visual Studi, and how to easily make your application realtime with Pusher. Before getting started it […]