image for build secure chat web app with javascript auth0 and pusher tutorial

In this tutorial, we will build a web application with a secure chat using JavaScript with Auth0 and Pusher. Security is hard. Often when we build applications we want to allow only registered users to access the application. We want to be able to manage user accounts, see when they last logged in, be able […]

Redux! Redux!! Redux!!! What in the world is Redux and why do I need it? I asked myself this question when I started learning how to build single page apps (SPA) to include rich interaction on my apps. SPA has the ability to re-render different parts of the UI without requiring server roundtrip. This is […]

This blog post was written under the Pusher Guest Writer program. We’re all familiar with instant messaging and using it to chat to people in realtime. Sometimes, though, we might want an app which allows us to send messages anonymously to friends, or to chat anonymously with strangers in close proximity. An example of such […]

image for building a message delivery status in javascript tutorial

When building realtime applications, we often want to know the actual time when a process or event occurs. For example, in an instant messaging application we want to know if and when our message was delivered to the intended client. We see this in WhatsApp where messages are sent in realtime and you see status […]