A great way to track what users are doing in your application is to visualise their activities in a feed. This would be especially useful when creating a dashboard for your application. In this tutorial, I will show you how to build a quick and easy realtime activity feed using Python (Flask), JavaScript and Pusher. […]

image for realtime crud app with python flask tutorial

Python Flask is a really cool Python framework for building web applications. One of its major selling points is how simple it is to get started on building apps with it. In this tutorial, we will build a simple Flask CRUD application, and add realtime functionality to it using the superpowers Pusher grants us. Our […]

image for building multiplayer game using angular and pusher tutorial

Angular is a great framework for building modern JavaScript applications. In this article, we will be building a simple Angular game, Battleship game and will make use of the realtime capabilities of Pusher to enable two players to play against each other. In this article, you will learn how to: Start an Angular app from […]

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Vue.js has been gaining increasing popularity in the JavaScript community, mostly because of how easy it is to get started on it. It is also really powerful. I was able to get started on it quite easily, and was very pleased with how much I could do with just a few lines of code! Pusher […]

image for implementing realtime desktop notifications laravel tutorial

Realtime desktop notifications are now very common in modern web applications, as site owners want to keep users engaged and informed of happenings on their platform. Notifications are also a great way to build addiction, and make sure users keep coming back to your platform to see “what’s new”. With Laravel and some Pusher magic, […]

This blog post was written under the Pusher Guest Writer program. Dashboards are a common feature of modern day applications. Users like to see an overview of their performance, on a single page, and a really great way to improve that experience is to make the information shown to them be dynamic, or realtime! Counters […]

image for building a laravel chat app with pusher

This blog post was written under the Pusher Guest Writer program. Often, you have sets of data you want to present to your application users in a table, organised by score, or weight. It could be something as simple as top 10 posts on your website, or a fun leaderboard for a game you created. […]