When building out applications, it’s not uncommon to have a commenting feature. With live commenting, comments added will update in realtime across all devices without the user refreshing the page. Applications like Facebook already have this feature. In this post, we will build a basic commenting application. We will assume that the user is leaving […]

Realtime maps are very popular nowadays. Especially now that there are many on-demand transportation services like Uber and Lyft that have realtime location reporting. In this article, we are going to learn how to build a realtime map on iOS using Pusher. Before we continue, you’ll need to make sure you have all of the […]

Companies like Invision have built applications that designers use to get feedback from other people. A designer can just load the Invision application, upload their designs and send the link to the people that will leave feedback, and then they can leave their feedback on different parts of the design. This is good for the […]

More often than not, when you build applications to be consumed by others, you will need to represent the data in some sort of table or list. Think of a list of users for example, or a table filled with data about the soccer league. Now, imagine the data that populated the table was to […]

Building web applications are great. Now, imagine you build a blog using PHP and your web server is Nginx. If you consider how web servers work, you’ll realize that your web application does a lot of the same tasks (like retrieving a blog post that rarely changes) every time someone visits the post page. Let’s […]

Nowadays many applications offer in-app chat and messenger features to their users. The in-app messenger can be useful for things like live support chatting or in-app messaging with other application users. In this article, we are going to explore how to use Pusher Chatkit (which is in beta at the time of writing this article) […]

Laravel 5.5 has been released and at the time of writing this article, the current Laravel version stands at 5.5.0. This release is the next LTS release since version 5.1 which reaches its LTS end this year. 💡 LTS means Long Term Support. This version of Laravel will get bug fixes for two years and […]

If you have ever had to create an OAuth server you would agree with me that it can be difficult and time-consuming. Luckily, there is a Laravel package that makes this job easier: Laravel Passport. In this article, we will consider how you can use this amazing package to create your own OAuth server. For […]

This blog post was written under the Pusher Guest Writer program. Nowadays, gathering data is one of the keys to understanding how products are perceived. Gathering some data from users can help you build better products and understand your users. However, all the data in the world would be useless without a way to visualize […]

This blog post was written under the Pusher Guest Writer program. When building chat applications, it is not uncommon to see something like a friends’ list with the status of the friend. Applications like WhatsApp have this feature and it is very useful to check the status of your friend and know if it is […]

This blog post was written under the Pusher Guest Writer program. Single Page Applications are awesome! They load fast and give you a lot of control on how you want your application to run. They are parsed by the browser and thus you have control of the DOM elements and all of that goodness. However, […]

This blog post was written under the Pusher Guest Writer program. When building mobile chat applications, it is not uncommon to see developers adding a delivery status feature that lets you know when the message you sent has been delivered to the recipient. Instant Messaging applications like WhatsApp, Messenger, BBM, Skype and the like all […]