Today I’m delighted to announce that we have closed an $8m round of funding from Balderton and Heavybit. This new milestone in our journey will allow us to continue on our mission to become a category leader in supporting app developers with building communication and collaboration features with our delightful APIs. We’ve come a long […]

Today, we are making the first significant change to our pricing since our public beta 5 years ago. The changes are primarily aimed at new customers, however, existing customers will also benefit from it. Going live on our free tier Firstly, we’re making our free tier (Sandbox) more generous. This is to help those who […]

Those of you who have been following us for a while will know that we’re on a real growth spurt at the moment. Demand for what we’re doing is increasing, and we’ve been able to produce a very successful company on the back of this growth. One of the things we haven’t celebrated publicly is […]

(This blog accompanies today’s announcement of Pusher crossing the 100bn messages a month mark.) At Pusher we’re always trying to connect people and make it easier for application developers to build awesome user experiences that are engaging and alive. After a busy few years, we’ve seen fantastic growth and today, are really proud to announce […]

We were recently contacted by a well-known security consultant, who had managed to create a proof of concept exploit of our authentication mechanism for private channels. We have now mitigated against this exploit both at a service level, and also in a number of our libraries. We have disclosed this information to our customers, and […]

For many companies, creating a wiki will seem like something that only larger, boring companies need to do. This may very well be the case, but there certainly reaches a point in the growth of an organisation, when some of the processes and structures are starting to coalesce, and doing things consistently starts taking precedent […]

We’ve previously spoken about the reasons for doing OKRs in our first post, and some tweaks we made to the structure in our second. In this post, we’ll talk about some of the techniques we use to get to those results, and how we do it. We’re not generally fans of meaningless meetings, so we […]

In a previous post we spoke about how we had implemented OKRs in Pusher, and what we had tried to achieve by doing so. For us, the main goals of OKRs for can be summarised as: Alignment Transparency Purpose Now we’ve had a quarter using this system, we’re in a better position to talk about […]

We’ve invested a lot of time and thought into the ways that we can reduce risks to the system, and avoid disrupting the thousands of applications that rely on us. However, mistakes and accidents do occasionally happen. If you don’t have a process for doing post-mortems after incidents, you probably should invest time in building […]

creating the right developer experience

For all the abundance of APIs, there are multiple ways of getting a user up to speed with your product. The experience of learning how to use an API is very similar to that of using a consumer facing website or application. Indeed your conversion rate is likely to be higher if you remove as […]

Tech at scale Martyn Loughran

Thanks to everyone who turned up for the inaugural “engineering at scale” event we ran with Smarkets and Future Ad Labs last night. We enjoyed the opportunity to share some of the interesting technical challenges we regularly deal with, and hope it was enjoyable to attend. It was great to meet you all The format […]

Pusher 2.0 Js Release is fast

We’re very excited to announce the release of a massive new update to our Javascript client library. The new release adds a smarter connection strategy with additional fallback mechanisms such as HTTP-based transport. These changes further improve our support for legacy devices and network complications such as corporate firewalls. The Javascript client library is our […]