We love CLI tools like Heroku Toolbelt, and we got to talking about how great it would be to offer this for our first product which offers pub/sub channels for realtime messaging. In the future, beta products like Chatkit or Push Notifications will be available from the Pusher CLI. It all started when we built […]

Building on the clusters in Ireland and Singapore we released last year, we’re excited to announce a new cluster in Mumbai, India! Since the beginning, the developer community in India has used Pusher in innovative ways. We are proud to count among our customers exciting Indian companies like Freshdesk, Faasos and Hackerearth who use Pusher […]

Update: As of August 2017, this is available to Pusher Pro plans and above. Here’s a step-by-step guide to complete the integration. We’re excited to announce that Pusher is now an integration on Datadog. You can add Pusher as an integration on Datadog to easily monitor your realtime connections, messages, and message sizes. Of the […]

Developers use the Debug Console to test their applications and monitor successful responses and errors. With the release of the Mobile Push Notifications API, developers are sending push notifications to iOS and Android devices with one simple request, and we wanted to make it easy to view responses and errors. You can now see push […]

December 2017: This tutorial is out of date. We recommend using our new Push Notifications SDKs. You can get started by going to Beta products dashboard. You can also read the docs. We will be updating our push notifications tutorials and creating new ones in the New Year. You can now send push notifications with […]

Printful lets you design printed products such as bags, shirts, and posters, and also provides a platform to integrate with your online store for easy, on-demand, online printing, fulfillment, and shipping. Printful also uses Pusher to power tools throughout its stack from the home page down to internal tools for the team. “We chose Pusher […]

As your apps connect with more users and send them more messages, we wanted to make it easy to keep track of your usage on Pusher. You can now get daily or weekly usage summaries delivered to your inbox, on Slack, or as a webhook. If you only want to get notifications when you hit […]

As Pusher has grown, our customers are building more and more apps for users around the world; we are delivering realtime data wherever they are. When you create a new app on Pusher, you choose a cluster. A cluster represents the physical location of the servers that handle requests from your app. We have heard […]