JavaScript is no longer about script tags in HTML. In recent times, a range of exciting new runtimes have opened up to allow us to use the language for amazing, bleeding-edge things. That can be NodeJS running on servers and IoT devices, React Native to create great UX for cross-platform mobile apps, or browser workers […]

Last weekend Hamilton and I made the trip across the First Great Western Railway to Bath. Why? For this year’s edition of Bath Ruby! While Hamilton had the good fortune to attend last year, this was my first time at the conference – and I wasn’t disappointed! It most certainly lived up to its reputation […]

Recently, our own Paweł Ledwoń blogged about how we wrote the isomorphic version of PusherJS, opening up our API to new Javascript environments. Other than NodeJS and React Native, one of the awesome new ways you can use PusherJS is in browser workers. For those who are new to the area, a web worker is […]

BattleHack Ice Scuplture

Last weekend Hamilton and I made the trip across the pond and across America to sunny San José. For the past year it has been a trip that we, as well as hackers from 14 cities around the globe, had been waiting for: the 2015 BattleHack World Finals. By the end of the weekend, one […]

Android Chat Tutorial

With the new 1.0.0 release of our Android library, we thought we’d create a walkthrough of how to easily build a mobile chat app with Pusher. As with our previous tutorial, Making ReactJS Realtime With Websockets, together we will build a group chat application, leading you through how to use Pusher to send and show […]

We are excited to announce that we have published a major release of pusher-websocket-java, our library targeting Android and general Java. We thought our library, given its stability and use by many large customers in production, deserved a 1.0 release. This blog post will provide a quick overview of how to use the Android library, […]

Last weekend Hamilton and I made the trip to Stockholm to attend the Nordic edition of this year’s BattleHack. Suffice it to say, we were not disappointed. Matching Braintree‘s superb standards for hosting events, we were met with excellent food, atmosphere, and a remarkably high standard of hacks. The format of the proceedings was familiar […]

ἀλλ᾽ ἄγε θᾶσσον ὄτρυνον πόλεμον δὲ κάρη κομόωντας Ἀχαιούς, – Iliad Book 19, Lines 68-9. Translation: “Come, rouse the Greeks of flowing locks to war.” This weekend Hamilton and I made the trip to Greece to attend the Athens edition of this year’s BattleHack – and, BattleHack being BattleHack, we weren’t disappointed by any stretch […]

This article is part of Building Realtime Apps Tutorials series, updated on a regular basis. Notifications can be very useful, but they can also be annoying. Often I can be on a chat app, somebody sends me a message, and I get two notifications: one in the window, and another by email. The application has […]

I have been at Pusher for almost 6 months and, mainly working on customer-facing developer work, parts of our deeper infrastructure have seemed a bit of a black box to me. Pusher, a message service that lets you send realtime data from server to client or from client to client, has the WebSocket protocol at […]

Python Language Logo

We are excited to announce that we have published a major release of our Python HTTP library. We’re the first to admit that the previous version of the library didn’t get as much love as it should have. So, after attending PyCon 2015 and ahead of our sponsorship of DjangoCon, we decided to finish off […]

Golang's Gopher

Go is an amazing and powerful language, and for a while we have been receiving a lot of requests from people we meet at events and through our support system about the possibility of using Pusher with Go. Given that it has established itself with an awesome community and increasing traction, there were a few […]